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    Youtube Orange: What is it and how to access it

    Perhaps on many occasions we have seen or heard of something called orange YouTube , either because someone told us, or because we saw it in a tiktok video in one of the hashtags. Many of us come to believe when we hear it for the first time that it is an application, social network or some website called that, but it is not at all . That is why here we have given ourselves the task of informing you about orange YouTube, since we consider it something very important to know, and much more so if you have children or know a minor who uses social networks, specifically tiktok.

    In social networks it is very common to use or create hashtags to advertise specific products or content. They are also created to create trends, generate fashions, mention a trending topic and much more. But we have to know that there are also users who use certain hashtags to also promote content that is not allowed on social networks since they can be censored, therefore, what they do is mention those hashtags to promote that content for older people. old in a discreet way.

    Now, and having all of the above clear, we will go to the central point and it is about what YouTube orange is, it is basically a code that is used in the tags of tiktok videos in order to direct the user to pornographic pages . In this case, it is very important to mention that the largest number of users who are directed to this type of content are minors, since in tiktok, children are the ones who frequent this social network the most.

    As for the name of YouTube orange, it is because the pornographic web page to which they are directed, the logo of it is orange . We can also find that sometimes they use blue YouTube, which has the same purpose, but this time directing users to a pornographic website with a blue logo.

    Who are most exposed to YouTube orange

    According to studies, tiktok is the social network most used today by children and young people under 20 years of age. These figures were increased much more when the pandemic began and during its process. According to studies carried out, children between the ages of 4 and 15 spend approximately 80 minutes each day on the tiktok social network . This figure had a large increase between 2019 and 2020, I feel 150%, specifically in Spain.

    That is why those who are most exposed to this type of content are minors, content that is brought to this social network through this code or hashtag called YouTube orange and also YouTube blue . According to other official studies, the first time a person sees pornographic content, specifically children, is at 8 years of age.

    How do you access Youtube orange?

    The way to enter this web page is quite simple, basically everything starts as follows: in the videos that certain people publish on tiktok, through texts or words, they make an invitation such as Have you seen my new content for Youtube orange? Then they give their username and that is when they select and access the porn website, often without any prior knowledge of what they will find.

    YouTube orange is all about this , something that many already know, but to date the appropriate measures have not yet been taken . That is why when a minor is using this platform, it is very impressive that as representatives we are very attentive and always inquire about it.

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