Wifiblast Reviews: Does It Improve Internet Speed?

It may seem excessive it’s true that a fast, reliable connection to the internet is an essential requirement. However, since people are required to work or stay at home and work from home, how much time that people spend online has grown. In the end, web traffic increases and the flow of data is slowed. There’s a device that is supposed to solve this issue -it’s called the Wifiblast. Wifiblast Reviews: Does It Improve Internet Speed?.

Early Impressions

Wifiblast offers a lot of potential as a low-cost WiFi booster. It will help you to extend your WiFi coverage to areas that you’d like. However, it does have claims that appear too amazing to be accurate. It is not advisable to purchase it before you’re certain it’s the product you want.

Wifiblast is an WiFi booster that increases the WiFi signal in areas that have poor reception. But, there are doubts as to whether it will be able to boost the speed of the internet. Do you think the Wifiblast actually work or is it merely fraud? This article will answer that question with no filters. However, before coming to a decision we should first learn details about this device’s capabilities and the way it functions.

What Is Wifiblast?

Wifiblast claims it can increase internet speeds in difficult-to-access areas by using 2.4 the GHz band. There’s no doubt about the extent to which the 2.4 Ghz network is able to be, but it’s known for its slow connection. When compared with 5.0 GHz, a 2.4 GHz network can only support up to 300 Mbps of connection speed. What is the point of an extensive coverage network when the connection remains slow, isn’t it?


What Does Wifiblast Do Then?

Similar to the other WiFi extension device, Wifiblast utilizes your current WiFi signal to amplify it to areas that have low signal or even no service. Dead spots are typical problems especially in big spaces like office buildings and large structures. However, it can occur in homes. WiFi signals are not able to be absorbed by solid objects such as walls. Distance from your router may influence the WiFi reception of your device.

But, this isn’t the sole reason behind an unreliable connection. There are some issues that lie on the servers or even on your ISP itself. Also your internet connection could be slow if your area isn’t receiving network coverage all over the world. Unfortunately there’s no WiFi booster will aid you in this regard.

How Much Is Wifiblast? Wifiblast Reviews

Wifiblast is within the price range of a standard WiFi booster. A basic WiFi range extender usually costs about $30, however the ones with more power are approximately $80. The great thing is that WiFiBlast is the fact it becomes less expensive the more you buy the product on its website. If that’s not enough, the company provides a 50% discount for a short time. Here’s a breakdown of WiFiBlast price.

Quantity Price
1 WiFi Range Extender $39.95
2 WiFi Range Extender $69.95
3 WiFi Range Extender $99.95
4 WiFi Range Extender $129.95
wifiblast reviews

However, Amazon has a more appealing bargain. Today, the Wifiblast is priced at around $23 and that’s a huge cut off from the initial price. Be cautious with the products you add to your cart because there could also be counterfeits of the product.Wifiblast Reviews

How to Set Up Wifiblast?

It’s believed that this WiFi booster comes with a simple installation that is plug and play. For non-techies making the connection could cause headaches. There are two methods for connecting Wifiblast with your router. You can configure it on your laptop or computer. However, using your phone or tablet is a better alternative to set it up.

Does Wifiblast Really Speed Up the Internet?

If Wifiblast can really speed up the speed of an internet connection or not is difficult. The answer may vary depending on the situation. It certainly improves connectivity since it distributes WiFi signals to areas the router itself cannot achieve. This is the basic requirement for an WiFi booster.

However, the performance of WiFi is dependent on the main router , or the coverage of your network within the area you live in. If the coverage of networks in your region is weak, it’s common for WiFi signals to decrease. The router will not have enough signal to supply your WiFi booster , and the WiFi booster will be unable to transmit no signal to disperse in the first place.

What Should I Consider Before Buying Wifiblast?

Before you buy Wifiblast There are a several things you need to examine to be certain that the only thing you requires is an WiFi booster.

Check Mobile and Broadband Coverage

It is an essential step to take if you’re planning to subscribe to an online service or are looking to give your website an increase. Don’t purchase Wifiblast when you’re not certain that it’s really the right choice for you, as there is a chance that you could end up wasting money. It is always possible to check for broadband as well as cell coverage in your area on the internet. It will provide you with an accurate picture of the speed and type of the connection you will receive from a service provider.

If the speed of broadband in your area is good and you experience only an issue with your connection while far from your router, then you’re probably right to believe that Wifiblast could be able to aid you.

Check Your Router’s Transmission Frequency

The frequency of your router’s transmission is an additional factor to take into consideration when purchasing an overall WiFi booster. As we mentioned previously you can choose between two band to choose from for WiFi transmission speed that are the 2.4 5 GHz bands. They differ in terms of speed and the range. It is the 2.4 GHz has a wider range but has a lower bandwidth. However five GHz features more range, however it has higher bandwidth. It also has a dual-band that operates in two different frequencies.

Wifiblast utilizes the 2.4 GHz band.Wifiblast Reviews

The most convenient way to determine the frequency band of your WiFi is via your mobile. Go to the WiFi settings and then choose the SSID that you’re connected. The screen should show all of the properties of the WiFi, including the frequency.

The Verdict on Wifiblast

There are a lot of assertions regarding the capabilities of Wifiblast can accomplish. The ability to bypass bandwidth throttling is one of the claims that attract attention. But, at a cost that is less than the typical, Wifiblast looks shady. There is no special thing about it. It simply increases the WiFi coverage of your house, and that’s fairly simple for an WiFi booster. If you’re searching for a budget and decent WiFi booster, Wifiblast may work for you. But, there could be better devices for you.

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