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    Why use Fiverr Logo Maker

    Fiverr Logo Maker is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to get the best logo for your brand. Here’s why:

    It’s Professionally Designed

    Every logo was created by a top-tier logo designer, hand-picked by Fiverr’s Editorial Team. That’s why all of our logos look so good.

    It’s Affordable

    It’s free to explore hundreds of different options. Then purchase a logo that leaves an impact, not an imprint on your wallet.

    It’s Simple

    Answer a few questions about your business and be presented with diverse logo designs. It couldn’t be easier.

    It’s Fast

    Our AI-backed platform enables you to get the logo you want in minutes, literally. Skip the time-consuming back and forth.

    It’s Customizable

    Our user-friendly smart editor lets you change colors, fonts, and layouts within the logo. No design skills needed to get a beautiful outcome.

    It’s the Full Package

    Get a high-quality, resizable logo files on a transparent or colored background, ready for immediate use for websites, social media, apps, print, and much more.

    How to create a logo that stands out

    Fiverr Logo Maker was built to help you get a professional logo, with a strategically thought-out design, based on your brand’s unique style, tone, and aesthetic. We combined the power of AI with the best of human design skills to instantly generate countless variations from over 20,000 logos, all handmade by our top designers. We then backed our logo maker with a free, simple-to-use editor to allow you to customize and create your logo with your personal touch, if you choose to do so.

    Learn how to create a professional logo that helps customers find their way to you by following these steps:

    Know your industry, target audience and competitors

    To develop an idea of what kind of logo you want and need, you’ll first have to understand the industry in which your brand competes. Research your target audience to learn about their style, taste, and foremost requirements and then analyze the logos used by your direct competitors. Once you have all your market research in place, you’ll be able to plan an insightful logo that reflects your audience’s needs, values and preferences, and stands out from your competitors.

    All of that research requires deep understanding and many resources. Fiverr’s Logo Maker makes this part fast and easy by allowing you to simply input your brand’s values and let the innovative AI system generate a logo that’s in line with your brand’s fundamental pillars.

    Decide what style you want for your logo

    Once you understand your target audience and competitors, you can formulate a better approach for choosing the logo style that matches your brand and conveys who you are and what you do upon first impression.

    There are different logo styles, each representing a range of brand values and personalities, so whether your brand values are classic or modern, accessible or premium, fun or serious, simple or sophisticated, traditional or innovative, make sure to choose the style that best represents your unique brand personality.

    Find the right type of logo

    There are different types of logos with an infinite variety of symbols and fonts, and It’s up to you to choose the most appropriate type of logo for your brand’s objectives. A combination of a unique typography with a unique symbol is a great choice for new businesses who want to get the type of logo that reflects their brand’s personality the right way.

    When considering your options, our logo maker will allow you to browse different types of logos that are most likely to be a good fit for your industry and brand personality, making it quick and easy to create a logo with high impact potential.

    Use a font that matches your brand

    Typography makes the first impression on your audience and has a strong impact in shaping individuals’ emotional responses to your brand. There are thousands of different fonts, and each has its own style and personality, so getting the right font for your logo is essential for forming your brand’s identity and tone of voice.

    Our AI logo maker accelerates this process by generating custom logo designs with professionally-selected fonts that have been hand-selected by Fiverr’s top designers to match your brand’s values and needs. However, if you decide to customize your logo font by yourself using the simple-to-use editor, make sure to evaluate your font carefully.

    Choose the right color palette

    Your color palette is a vital part of your brand’s identity, and choosing the right logo colors entails much more than selecting your favorite color. Colors have different meanings that convey an array of emotions and concepts, and have the ability to influence our behavior and decision-making. This is why using color strategically is essential to communicate the message you want to deliver to your audience.

    Our AI logo maker automatically generates made-to-measure color palettes that match your brand values, using a unique technology. If you decide to edit and choose your logo color palette yourself, our editor allows you to choose from a range of pre-made color variations that have been curated by professional designers.

    What makes a good logo?

    There is no one-size-fits all solution to creating an impactful logo for your business or service, but there are certain criteria that every good logo should fulfill. These are the following elements that make a successful logo design:

    Where should you use your logo

    Our logo maker offers over 20 high-quality logo files in different formats, that you can use everywhere on your website, social media, in print and much more, to help you build a strong brand. Here’s where you should consider using your logo.

    Social Media

    Different social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin have their own specifications for upload, which is why our logo creator generates logos in scalable formats.


    Your logo should be front and center on your website. Don’t forget to design a favicon version of your logo to display in the browser tab.

    Email signature

    You’ll also want to include your logo in your email signature to signal professionalism, which calls for further research into appropriate dimensions.

    Business cards

    Place your logo on your business card to show your potential clients that you’re a serious professional. Business cards often get overlooked, so having a logo that stands out on the front of the card is essential.

    Custom branded apparel and merchandise

    Before you roll out your custom apparel or merchandise, add your logo to increase your brand awareness.

    Promotional products

    Positioning your logo in a strategic, eye-catching location on promotional material is essential so as not to detract from the main message while still being visible.

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