When it comes to managing, securing, and driving business IT infrastructure, numerous business owners tend to seek a Colocation Data Center in Mumbai. This is because colocation is the most persuasive and promising IT solution any business can invest in without any anticipation. The colocation services and facilities enable you to skillfully dodge overhead expenditures, bring in unbeatable security, and split the responsibility of maintaining the server. They also let you decrease money investment across the board. 

In addition to this, Server Colocation in Mumbai entitles you to dedicate more time and engagement toward augmenting the productivity of your business. However, it is extremely important for you to reach out to a trustworthy & renowned data center for acquiring the most suitable & steadfast colocation plan. 

Under this guide, we have given insights into one such data center and its Best Mumbai Colocations Services – Serverwala. The data center renders top-grade colocation facilities at the cheapest possible cost. You will learn here how Serverwala’s cabinets as a colocation data center facility can be the ideal choice for your business advancement. Dig into the sections below and grab all the essential details. 

Why Cabinets are so Useful Equipment in Serverwala’s Colocation Mumbai

Colocation Data Center in Mumbai
Colocation Data Center in Mumbai

Security is the most crucial factor in all data centers. However, it serves as a more prominent challenge in colocation functions. This is because a Colocation Data Center in Mumbai not only is required to protect its premises & server spaces, but it also has to ensure that tenants can not access or interrupt each other’s infrastructure when they are sharing a single server cabinet. 

The colocation cabinets are highly beneficial in such cases as they enable the data center to provide the guarantee to the tenants’ equipment is absolutely safe and secured in every way. With the Server Colocation in Mumbai, you also acquire Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the same.

Can Colocation Cabinets be More Cost-effective Than Racks Space?

The Colocation Data Center in Mumbai offering cabinets solution to the tenants can generate more profit than the data centers providing other solutions. There exists a diverse spectrum of tenants who have different necessities and demands. In such scenarios, the colocation cabinets absolutely become a perfect choice for those with low-maintenance requirements.

This is because when it comes to offering full racks only, the infrastructure requires some physical partition for security objectives. So, for instance, instead of buying 4x 12U racks, one can easily opt for a single 48U Mumbai Colocation cabinet that separates itself into four compartments. 

While a cabinet of 48U can cost more than a 48U rack, renting it to the 4 tenants leads to the generation of more money than leasing out a single 48U rack. So, without suspicion, colocation cabinets are highly cost-effective than racks. 

Cabinet Features you will get in Serverwala’s Colocation Data Centers in Mumbai

Colocation Data Center in Mumbai Cabinet Features
Colocation Data Center in Mumbai Cabinet Features

Below-mentioned listed are incredible cabinet features that you receive with Serverwala’s Colocation Mumbai. Let’s get a rapid glimpse at them! 

  • Advanced Technology:

The colocation services of the data center allow you to access shared technology-driven supplies. This incorporates invariant web connectivity as well as unlimited bandwidth. At the same time, with Colocation Data Center in Mumbai, you obtain access to both tangible and non-tangible data security measures. Also, for all this, you are not supposed to spend any hefty amount but just a minimal investment. 

  • Interconnection:

The data center permits your business to meet next-gen computing prerequisites by interconnecting with networks, high-grade services, IT service providers, & cloud services. This further enables your business to integrate as well as easily scale the needed resources by affixing your data, applications, and network through interconnection under Colocation Mumbai

  • High-Performance Facilities:

Serverwala Colocation Data Center in Mumbai provides state-of-the-art facilities with all the colocation plans. It ensures the support of backup generators, HVAC systems, constant power supplies, and temperature-controlled surroundings. This enables you to operate your business’s electronic infrastructure at its best. 

Get Physical Security Systems Designed by Serverwala Colocation Data Center Facility in Mumbai

Physical Security with Colocation Data Center in Mumbai
Physical Security with Colocation Data Center in Mumbai

Serverwala is the most reliable and world-class data center service provider that offers the Cheapest Server Colocation in Mumbai with elevated transparency. The data center further ensures complete security with the most unassailable technology and multiple battery backup features. Moreover, you obtain access to the following attributes for greater data protection and business integrity – 

  • On-site redundant fuel delivery
  • Highest uptime availability
  • Ample Data Backup and Recovery on demand
  • Power-packed configurations that easily withstand component failure, power fluxes, & other security threats 
  • 24/7/365 Technical assistance via a team of proficient specialists
  • Zero power disturbance
  • Dual power sources with the fault-tolerant lodging


The Colocation Mumbai Serves as the most competent IT solution that stimulates your business to attain excellent performance, consistent web connectivity, the speediest functional speed, and utmost protection. It also provides you with hands to induce easy business profitability as well as the highest possible return for your money acquisition. Further, you get access to quick resource scalability, beneficial managerial privileges, hyper-scale hosting advantages, and custom features under a Colocation Data Center in Mumbai

Moreover, you can confidently seek the tier-III data center, Serverwala, to buy the best-in-class colocation cabinet for your business. The data center ensures to deliver the avant-garde facilities & seamless services at the most inexpensive cost pricing. It also guarantees superior customer service support, maximum server efficiency, and 24/7 network & power monitoring. You can right away visit the official site of the Serverwala data center to gather more information regarding top-notch yet Cheap Mumbai Colocation plans