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    Why Mondays Have a Bad Reputation

    ‘Learning to see the good on Monday’

    It’s the day we all dread. Waking up on a Monday can be tough. Most of us have a five-day work week ahead of us, and we know the start of a new week means new projects, new chores and a new list of to-dos to tackle.

    I sat down to write this article after I had been working at my desk for a little over an hour. I was frustrated with the amount of emails flooding my inbox, and annoyed with a coworker who had a bucket of weekend complaints to share with me. To top it off, I realized it’s only Monday.

    Shortly after getting myself all worked up, I stopped what I was doing and reminded myself the outcome of a day’s work is all in my hands. Monday means it’s the start of a new week. Complaining, worrying, and even getting frustrated isn’t going to change anything at the end of the day. So I decided to brainstorm a list of reasons why I can be thankful today, and I think it applies to the vast majority of us:


    1. I woke up.

    2. I woke up in a bed, which means I have a home with a roof over my head.

    3. I took a shower and brushed my teeth, which means I have clean, running water.

    4. I got dressed, which means I have clothing that keeps me both warm and dry.

    5. I drove to work, which means I’m lucky enough to have a car.

    6. I ate multiple meals, which means I can nourish myself.

    7. I worked, which means I have a secure job and income.

    8. I talked on the phone and watched the television, which means I have access to technology many people do not.

    9. I interacted with friends and family, which means I have a group of people that support me.

    Think of a few things you’re thankful for today and keep them in mind as you navigate through your day. Every time something goes wrong or you sense frustration building, try to find something positive. Waking up on a Monday won’t be the easiest thing in the world, but I can tell you it’s definitely not the hardest.


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