Where is Lada 899 from – Telephone Extortion

During the last few months, extortion calls by phone have been on the rise, which is why one of the LADAS in Mexico that has had the most reports is lada 899. But…. where do these phone calls come from?

From what we have known, lada 899 comes from the city of Ciudad Obregón. 

What should I do if I receive a phone extortion call?

In the case of receiving a call from lada 899 and you do not know the number, we suggest that you do not answer. Nevertheless. If you or a family member picks up, it is important that you talk about it to take the necessary measures and not fall into a probable telephone extortion.

If during the call they tell us that they have kidnapped a relative or loved one or that they want us to deposit a certain amount of money in an account, do not do it , hang up and call your relatives as soon as you can in addition to the authorities.

In summary

  • Listen
  • hang up as soon as possible
  • Call your loved ones and tell them what happened
  • File a complaint with the authorities.

Can I report a telephone extortion?

To make a complaint of telephone extortion you will have to contact the national emergency number of your country, as a general rule it will be 911 or 091, as we say, it will depend on your country. 

{Have you received a call from lada 899}|Did they call you from lada 899}? Leave us in comments what was the number that called you.

Watch this video of Extortion by phone

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