What Channel is NBC on DIRECTV?

Do you love crashing the couch to watch a movie or TV show after getting back from work while having dinner? If yes, then nothing can rain on your binge-watching spree as much as a lackluster channel lineup with poor picture and sound quality.

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Even though there are only 2 satellite television service providers in the U.S. that vow to bring you high-quality entertainment, DIRECTV outshines the competition with a massive subscriber base of 16 million.

The #1 satellite service in the U.S. is available across the country – essentially anywhere you get a clear view of the southern sky. DIRECTV has always aimed to bring subscribers the most value through its amazing offers. That is why DIRECTV deals come brimming with what all American TV- buffs want to watch.

DIRECTV not only delivers your favorite TV content in the finest picture format, but promises to deliver it with 99% signal reliability from coast-to-coast. You can fuel your binge-a-thons wherever you are—all you need is to catch the signal and a bucket of popcorns!

Watch NBC Channel on DirecTV

DIRECTV Deals Offer You the Best for a Whole Lot Less!

When you subscribe to DIRECTV deals you can not only watch over 330 channels, Live TV with 4K programming, and choose from a maximum of 65,000 On Demand titles, but access your favorites on the go with the FREE DIRECTV app. Moreover, all DIRECTV deals come paired with a free Genie HD DVR that has a whopping 1TB storage so that you never ever miss your favorites!


DIRECTV also offers new subscribers access to premium networks for a limited time. Sign up for DIRECTV SELECT™ and ENTERTAINMENT packages and enjoy FREE access to premium networks like Cinemax®, EPIX®, HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ® for 3 months!

On the other hand, if you opt for DIRECTV deals such as CHOICE™, XTRA or ULTIMATE, you get to access HBO Max™ for one whole year. And if you want more of that, subscribe to DIRECTV PREMIER™ to get unlimited access to Cinemax®, EPIX®, HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ® – because they all come included in your DIRECTV PREMIER™ plan!


The best part is that each DIRECTV plan comes at a competitive price, yet every plan brings you elite options to entertain yourself – and when you choose to bundle your TV service with other AT&T services, like AT&T Internet and AT&T home phone, you can save up to $240 in the first year of subscription to a DIRECTV deal.


The National Broadcasting Company or NBC is the flagship property of NBCUniversal. NBC is one of the oldest commercial terrestrial radio and TV networks based in the U.S. The network was founded in 1926 by RCA— the Radio Corporation of America.


When you subscribe to DIRECTV deals, you not only get to watch juicy content on NBC Network but  access an array of other entertaining American channels such as ABC, CBS, FOX, and MNTV! Along with many others.

But that’s not all.

DIRECTV Deals Number of Channels Is NBC Included?
DIRECTV SELECT™ Package 155 Yes
DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package 185 Yes
DIRECTV XTRA Package 235 Yes
DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package 330 Yes

What Channel is NBC on DIRECTV? 

If you are a lucky TV lover who has already subscribed to one of the lucrative DIRECTV deals, but not sure which number you must switch to in order to watch your favorite content on NBC, don’t worry. Here’s a city/town wise list of NBC channel numbers to help you out!


NBC Channel Number on DIRECTV
City, State Channel Number
Atlanta, GA 11
Beverly Hills, CA 4
Miami, FL 6
Chicago, IL 5
Hodgenville, KY 3
New Orleans, LA 6
Detroit, MI 4
Reno, NV 4
New York City, NY 4
Portland, OR 8
Nashville, TN 4
Houston, TX 2
Salt Lake City, UT 5
Clarksburg-Weston WV 12
Madison, WI 15

Best for Binge-watching on NBC Network with DIRECTV

Found NBC and feeling tempted to watch some epic content? If yes, you will be glad to know NBC offers a plethora of incredible shows from an array of genres to keep you glued to the TV screen for hours.  Here is a flavor of what you can feast upon:


You can also watch NBC Channel on AT&T TV


Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery, and Suspense—you name it and this show has it all! The Blindspot revolves around Jane Doe—a girl who is found naked in Times Square, with her body covered in tattoos and her memory fully erased.

Watch Agent Kurt Weller and his FBI team connect all pieces of the puzzle to crack the case and reveal Jane’s real identity. As Jane and Weller get closer to revealing her past and discover who the mastermind behind this riddle is, they find the mystery goes far deeper than their imagination.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

If you love to watch something light after a long day at work there is no better option than laughing out loud while binging on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Switch on your DIRECTV and jump on to NBC to watch how Ray Holt—a rather strange but funny commanding officer, along with his wacky team of hilarious detectives, gets to the bottom of crimes in Brooklyn, NY.

The Blacklist

If you are a fan of action, crime, thriller, and mystery you will surely love watching The Blacklist. The Blacklist tells the story of Raymond “Red” Reddington— a fugitive who surrenders himself to the FBI and proposes to help them with catching the most-wanted criminals, for mysterious reasons. However, he has a condition—he would only talk to Elizabeth Keen. Want to know why? Tune in to NBC and find out!

America’s Got Talent (AGT)

AGT is NBC network’s summer sensation that is a complete treat for your senses. The show has 14 fun-filled seasons. AGT showcases mesmerizing performances by comedians, dancers, magicians, singers, and many more rising stars who try their luck to win the title of America’s favorite and bag a $1 million prize.


To Sum Up

Whether you are an avid movie-buff, a TV-show fan, or obsessed with news and current affairs, NBC network on DIRECTV comes brimming with many options on the menu – but remember NBC is just one network among many on the diverse DIRECTV Channel Lineup.

All DIRECTV deals are tailored to fully satisfy your appetite for top-notch entertainment while giving due consideration to your budget constraints. And luckily, all DIRECTV deals have NBC included in their respective channel lineup.

However, you should always keep in mind that the availability of NBC network differs with your location.

So if you are a fan of NBC and cannot find your city/town name in the table given above, try searching for it using the Local Channel Lookup tool. Just enter your ZIP code to find what channel is NBC on DIRECTV in your city/town and you will get an answer to your question in seconds. If you still face trouble, feel free to contact at 1-855-820-1220 for assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What channel is NBC on DIRECTV in Texas?

    In Texas NBC channel on DIRECTV is available on following channel numbers:

    • Houston, Texas : 2
    • San Antonio, Texas : 4
    • Dallas, Texas : 5
    • Austin, Texas : 36
    • Fort Worth, Texas : 5
    • Arlington, Texas : 5
  2. What channel is NBC on DIRECTV in California?

    In California NBC channel on DIRECTV is available on following channel numbers:

    • Los Angeles, California : 4
    • San Diego, California : 39
    • San Jose, California : 11
    • San Francisco, California : 11
    • Fresno, California : 24
    • Sacramento, California : 3
    • Oakland, California : 11
  3. What channel is NBC on DIRECTV in Arizona?

    In Arizona NBC channel on DIRECTV is available on following channel numbers:

    • Phoenix, Arizona : 12
    • Tucson, Arizona : 4
    • Mesa, Arizona : 12
  4. What channel is NBC on DIRECTV in Florida?

    In Florida NBC channel on DIRECTV is available on following channel numbers:

    • Miami, Florida : 6
    • Tampa, Florida : 8
    • Vero Beach, Florida : 5
    • Palm Coast, Florida : 12
    • Hialeah, Florida : 6
    • Jacksonville, Florida : 12
  5. What channel is NBC on DIRECTV in Georgia?

    Watch ABC channel on DIRECTV in Georgia on following channel numbers:

    • Atlanta, Georgia : 11
    • Lawrenceville, Georgia : 11
    • McDonough, Georgia : 11
  6. What channel is NBC on DIRECTV in Chicago, Illinois?

    NBC Channel number on DIRECTV in Chicago, Illinois is 5.

More About DIRECTV Channels

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