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    What are the uses of a dart impact tester

    Plastics have various properties and attributes that define their quality, such as molecular elasticity. It is used to determine the impact strength of polymers. This property is important for product stiffness and explains the plastic’s ability to withstand surface forces. The Dart Impact Tester makes it easy to calculate the dart impact resistance of a material. It is one of the most effective testing equipment, widely used in various packaging industries, used to test the strength of plastic films, testing the film’s ability to withstand different forces applied to it. Perfect for this, the impact tester can be used to impact test darts to ensure that the force of a falling dart will actually tear the plastic film under certain conditions. This will determine if the underlying foil or plastic layer needs to be tougher. Plastic film manufacturers often guarantee that their products are strong enough to withstand external forces.

    This article provides some brief information about dart impact testers and how these lab test devices can help you test the impact strength of plastic films.

    Introduction of Dart Impact Tester

    Plastic films are widely used in various fields for various applications. The packaging industry is the largest user of these plastic films. Packaging materials such as shrink wrap and bubble wrap are made from these films.

    When wrapping things with plastic film, the strength of the film is important to protect the products inside. Free-fall weight is one of the most powerful and important loads that plastic films must withstand. A free-falling weight can severely damage the plastic film and destroy the entire product container. One of the most common ways to determine film strength is to use a dart impact tester on plastic films.

    The test equipment includes an electromagnetic scope with a dart holding and firing mechanism. Use the ring clamp shown in the figure below with a shield structure so that the dart does not come off when it hits the sample. As a programmable controller, it has paddle switches and an HMI-based touchscreen display for convenient operation.

    Below are the characteristics and technical data of the film impact tester. Features of Plastic Film Impact Tester

    This plastic film impact tester is used to evaluate the quality of packaging films by calculating their resistance to free fall weight during storage and transportation. Meets test requirements such as IS 2508, 1984 (R2003), ASTM D1709-16A.

    Check out the features in dart impact tester.

    • Built on a sturdy metal base
    • Electromagnetic retention/release mechanism for darts
    • Drop height adjustment clamp
    • Annular tensioner for zero slip
    • Powder coated mild steel


    • 415×500×2153mm

    Specification of Dart Impact Tester

    • Inner Diameter of Clamp: 127mm
    • Trigger mechanism: electromagnetic
    • Diameter dart head: 3 Method A – 38mm & Method B – 50mm
    • Drop height: 660 mm and 1524 mm (adjustable)
    • Maximum weight holding capacity of dart retention mechanism: 2 kg
    • Trigger mechanism: Electromagnetic dart hold/release mechanism
    • Clamping unit: Non-slip annular clamping unit
    • Single-phase AC220V

    These characteristics and technical specifications make it easy to hit test darts.

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