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    What Are Some Ways to Safeguard Against Credit Card Skimming?

    The skimming of credit cards is a deceitful act when skimmers attach a small tool to card readers so that they can capture your details related to credit cards. You can only spot the devices easily once you attentively examine your credit card. If you do not know about credit card skimming, you must read the article carefully because the guide will tell you how to protect yourself from credit card skimming. To check your CIBIL score, you download the CIBIL score app on your mobile phone, or you can go through the free CIBIL score check on the official websites of the credit bureaus.

    Some Ways to Safeguard Against Credit Card Skimming

    Some ways to protect yourself from credit card skimming are as follows:

    Use the Tap and Pay Option or Supervised Automated Teller Machine

    Whenever you get the opportunity to use a near-field communication like the tap and pay option, you should grab the opportunity and use the tap and pay option to make a payment. Nowadays, there are several payment mobile applications available. You can use a mobile payment application instead of a credit card and safeguard against credit card skimming. Instead of using unsupervised automated teller machines available in petrol stations, you should use supervised automated teller machines because skimmers will hardly take the risk to tamper with supervised automated teller machines.

    Take Proper Care of Your Credit Card, and Never Leave Your Credit Card Unattended

    It is best not to leave your credit card alone and not allow anyone to take it away and walk out. It would be best if you always kept a watch on your credit card. In restaurants, you can use the pay-on-the-table technology where a staff member brings the swiping machine to you so that you can swipe the credit card yourself and you do not have to hand over your credit card to a stranger. Nowadays, you also have the option to pay after scanning the Quick Response Code. 

    Always Use Credit Cards Which Contain a Chip

    Debit cards can become an entry to access your savings account. Therefore, it would help to use a credit card with a chip attached to it rather than a debit card. Chips add a security layer to credit cards, making it arduous for skimmers to capture your details.

    Enable Email and Text Notifications for Your Transactions

    It would be best to enable email and text notifications for your transactions. You will receive a text notification displaying the amount and recipient’s name whenever you make a transaction. With the help of email and text notifications, you will get the opportunity to act swiftly when you receive a notification for any unofficial transaction and for transactions you do not recognize. Rather than scanning the credit card bill for the minimum overdue amount, it would be best to check every transaction carefully. Contact the credit card issuer and block your credit card immediately if you come across any transactions, you do not recognize or unofficial transactions. 

    Use Digital Currencies

    To make payments, you can use Google Pay, Paytm, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, Apple Pay, etc. Using such platforms will prevent skimmers from capturing your credit card details and protect you from credit card scammers. 

    Check Your Bank Account Statement

    It would be best to keep checking your bank account statements frequently to find out any inconsistencies in your bank account. It would help if you considered even the smallest of transactions regarding credit card skimming. Small transactions can symbolize that a skimmer is trying to find out the activities of your bank account and could be an eye for something larger- until you spot any inconsistency and report it to the concerned authority.


    If you have never become a victim of credit card skimming, you can make yourself less susceptible to such fraudulent acts. You can use the ways mentioned above to protect yourself from credit card skimming. You can contact your credit company, inform them about any suspicious activity and wait patiently as they work to eliminate all suspicious activities from your account. Meanwhile, you can keep checking your credit score through the CIBIL score app or any credit bureau’s official website and go through the free CIBIL score check

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