‘Wean Your Teen’ so you won’t be mean


How often do you lay in bed at night and worry about your teenager’s future. Do you feel weary from worry? Are you surviving the teen years but having a difficult time thriving? It doesn’t have to be that way.

According to David Damico, director of Christian Assisted Recovery Environments (CARE), most parents want to help their teenage child make wise choices to avoid some of the pain and suffering they experienced at their age. Yet, they are unsure about how to nurture a healthy relationship while guiding their child through the turbulent teens. To help parents, Damico has created a seminar entitled “Wean Your Teen.”

The “Wean Your Teen” seminar gives parents insightful and proven methods to foster genuine and caring relationships with their teens. Damico stresses the importance of guiding teens through a collaborative effort while maintaining open communication. According to Damico, “Parents need to channel their concerns and enhance their influence while empowering their teens”. For those parents in the thick of it, Damico offers these helpful hints.

  1. Cop to your mistakes. This is something you must do even if you fear your teen will respect you less for it.
  2. Create alternative plans. Being proactive with contingencies will save you and your teen from trying to solve problems with your backs to the wall of crisis.
  3. Clean your slate. Don’t keep a running list or yours or your teens’ short comings.
  4. Cherish the big picture. Seek support from someone who can help keep your perspective salted with objectivity.

For information about Wean Your Teen seminars you can reach Damico at 592-9611.

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