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    40 Water Tattoo Ideas That Are Mesmerizing


    Water tattoos are one of the most interesting tattoos for both men and women. The blue color of the water and intriguing waves look very mesmerizing to the eyes.

    What is a water tattoo?

    As the human body is composed of almost 70% water getting a water tattoo is a very good idea. Although water doesn’t signify the happiness of something similar to it they are still a very good option.

    What does a water drop tattoo mean?

    A water tattoo design is a sign of wisdom. It shows the sign of purity while for some it shows how deep their knowledge is. There are some very amazing elements of life in a water tattoo that I am going to share with you.

    You can get a temporary water tattoo as well if you are not sure about getting a permanent tattoo. If you want privacy for your tattoo you can get the tattoo in a place where it is not easily visible. You can get the tattoo on your sleeve if you want to show everyone that you have that tattoo.

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