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    VIEW OF LIFE King Herod and Abortion

    I was looking at the story about the first Christian family and how they had to flee King Herod because he sought to destroy the Christ child. (Matthew 2:13)

    I found it remarkable that a powerful leader like King Herod was so intimidated by a child. But when Herod was told by the Wise men that they wanted to worship the Christ, it troubled him a great deal. After the wise men worshiped Christ, they were told by God to not go back to Herod. Herod feared he would have to acknowledge someone else as King, and possibly lose all the power, ease, and worship that he had grown so accustomed to. Therefore, it was in his best interests to have this child killed, even if he had to kill all the male children two and under in Bethlehem and its surrounding region. (Matthew 2:16)

    I’m sure that most of us look with dismay and shock that this event really happened. An event that snuffed out the life of innocent babies with the mothers and fathers looking on with incredible horror.

    But isn’t Herods line of reasoning similar to those who see abortion as the right choice? Wasn’t Herod getting rid of a child for personal gain to further his career? Is this not the cry of the feminists who see having a child as an obstruction to their freedom to assert their rightful place of power instead of men?

    Was it not Herod who saw it as his right to kill the children because he had a legal right as King to do as he pleased. Is this not also the choice that many in America cherish, including Christians, because it’s legal? They cherish the right to choose what they want and are angry that anyone would try to deny them that right. But murder is still the word for those who take innocent lives. What Christian in his right mind would attempt to defend the shedding of innocent blood? What Christian will in the name of constitutional rights attempt to justify themselves before God? Sadly many Christians do every day. Do they think that God turns a blind eye to sin because they wrap themselves up in a constitution to defend their right to abort? But the word of God has the final say on issues of morality, right and wrong and the Judgment to come.

    Ultimately, those who favor abortion do not want Christ to be worshiped as King. They show, by their actions, that they worship themselves! They would much prefer to live according to their own rules and do what is right in their own eyes. They love the American culture that says “do as you please”, “do your own thing”, and “its a free country!”

    Herod did not understand Christ. Christ was not interested in removing Herod from his throne. Jesus much preferred to have his throne in Herod’s heart. Besides, the Son of Man came to serve and give His life as a ransom. He came into the world to give us a life outside of our selfishness and enter into a relationship with God in giving our lives to others out of the same love that sent Jesus to a cross. He gave us an example to love the inconvenient, the unlovely, and those who simply get in our way of pursuing our American dream god.

    Let us heed God’s warning to the wise men to flee Herod. Let us flee Herod’s genocidal line of reason. Instead, this Christmas, let us be wise enough to bow down to Christ the King!

    Phil Magnan of Chula Vista and his wife Diane represent Life Source, (619) 426-9960.

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