Unusual Events at the 2023 SEA Games Happening to Indonesia, Which Is the Most Ridiculous?

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PEOPLE’S MIND – Unusual events during the 2023 Cambodia SEA Games . There are even Indonesian athletes who have experienced it first hand.

Cambodia’s 32nd SEA Games will be held from 5 May to 17 May 2023. 11 ASEAN countries will participate in this championship and compete in 37 sports.

Even though the tournament has only lasted a few days,  the SEA Games 2023 Cambodia has presented an unusual event. Netizens were shocked by the appearance of the champion’s podium only illuminated by car lights.

The following are unusual events at the 2023 SEA Games

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Indonesian flag upside down

The pre-opening ceremony for the SEA Games 2023 Cambodia on Friday, 5 May 2023 drew public scrutiny. The excitement on social media occurred because the Indonesian flag , which was carried by a local Cambodian dancer, appeared upside down.

The dancers wave the white-red flag which instead refers to Poland. The Cambodian side apologized for the incident.

Acting Secretary General of NOC Indonesia Harry Warganegara said the host had apologized to Indonesia for the incident of the Red and White flag being turned upside down.

“Cambodia has apologized directly to us, and acted quickly so that the incident was not repeated at the opening ceremony,” said Harry in a written statement in Phnom Penh, quoted from Antara.

The podium is illuminated by car headlights

The medal podium for the 20 km fast walking event in the 2023 SEA Games which was won by the Indonesian athlete , Hendro Yap, is only lit by car headlights.

The incident went viral on social media and became a topic of conversation among netizens.

Hendro Yap recorded a time of 1 hour 40 minutes 42 seconds. This record beats Nguyen Thanh, a Vietnamese athlete who finished one place behind Hendro.

The podium that was prepared for the medals was not properly prepared. When Hendro and two other athletes climbed onto the podium, the only light that came from the car’s headlights.

In his Instagram Story, Hendro Yap expressed his feelings in the light of a car when the gold medal was being given.

“@hendro_lung bro, how does it feel like gold is highlighted by car lights wkwkkww btw congrats friend,” said the Instagram account @reinmartm.

“Like fish in an Aquarium Hahahahah,” said Hendro Yap in answer to the question.

The roof of the Indonesian badminton athlete’s room is leaking

The roof of the Indonesian badminton athlete’s room leaked due to heavy rain in Cambodia on Monday, May 8 2023. Water also flooded part of the room.

This incident was shared by Amallia Cahaya Pratiwi, one of the Indonesian badminton players who performed at the SEA Games in Cambodia. He shared it via Instastory uploads and went viral after being re-uploaded by a number of social media accounts.

PBSI through Team Manager Eddy Prayitno confirmed the incident of the leaking roof of the athlete’s room at the 2023 SEA Games . PBSI has reported it to the Cluster Manager so that the leaky roof can be repaired.

PBSI explained that this incident was a force majeure alias accident.

Chairs and plastic hangers in the locker room for the Indonesian U-22 National Team

The Indonesian U-22 national team is preparing to face Timor Leste in the Group A preliminary round follow-up match, on Sunday, May 7 2023. Prior to the match, PSSI shared photos of the locker room at the Phnom Penh Olympic Stadium.

Netizens were surprised to see the chairs in the locker room for the Indonesian U-22 National Team . The chair used looks like a simple chair. In addition, the player’s jersey is only hung on a hanger without any cupboards around the locker room.

In that match, the Indonesian national team defeated Timor Leste with a final score of 3-0 and led Indra Sjafri’s team to the semifinals. Ramadhan Sananta (45′) and Fajar Fathur Rahman (62′) and 75′ doubles scored Indonesia’s winning goals .

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