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    Two Testimonies

    Faced with some medical issues we were praying that the Lord would bless us with a child through artificial insemination or adoption and God answered our prayer in a powerful way.

    During the week I led a Bible study for the homeless after a church lunch. One day I noticed an unfamiliar teenage girl. Not giving her much thought, I started to clean up when the Lord told me to go after the young girl. I initially ignored the Lord, but again He told me to go after her. I chased after her and her companion and found them down the street. They were leaving for Los Angeles but I was able to persuade them to stay in San Diego and attend the Tuesday night services at my church.

    The girl wanted to stay longer so our church provided shelter for her and eventually she accepted the Lord. Praise God! While with us, we also learned she was pregnant. She told us that she had originally planned to abort the baby, but since she asked Jesus into her heart she was now reconsidering her decision. She contacted a Christian adoption agency and they told her she could choose the parents for her baby if she decided to not abort. She prayed for guidance and asked my wife and I if we would adopt her unborn child.

    – J. Hoehn

    Alone in Alaska’s most remote regions, I drifted from God, my family and all the traditional values my parents had taught me. I divorced my wife and planned on spending the rest of my life in the north, but God had another idea. Years passed when my former wife found me and convinced me to try to repair our broken relationship. On December 23, 1984, one of the coldest days in history, minus 65 degrees, together we left Fairbanks for northern Idaho.

    We stopped outside of Anchorage the first night and the next day, Christmas Eve, we drove deep into the north Yukon territory. About 6 p.m. our car froze up. The sky was pitch black and there was not a soul on the road. No heat, no light, and no traffic. It didn’t look good. When eight hours passed, we started to get dizzy and fade in and out of consciousness. At about 2 a.m. I cried out to God. I rededicated my life to the Lord and asked that God save us from rapidly impending death. Minutes later I saw in the far distance the unmistakable piercing sight of headlights heading our way.

    With every joint nearly frozen stiff, I crawled out of our car and flagged down the first traveler in nine hours. It was a semi-truck with a very sleepy eyed driver. When we climbed into the warm cab he shared that he had pulled over about 12 miles back, but something told him to wake up and drive to Deese Lake, which was ten miles south of our breakdown.

    My wife and married again on June 29, 1985, and we are blessed by God’s forgiveness and mercy.

    – C. Shewey

    If you have a personal prayer story that demonstrates God’s love and power, send it to Kathy Alix, P.O. Box 22785, San Diego, CA 92192. Kathy is a mother, a businesswoman and author of Master Your Disaster. Reprinted by permission from Kathy Alix.

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