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The Bible portrays many stories of healing and the good news is healing still occurs today. Here is one story which shows how God answers prayer for the sick:

In the summer of 1992, my two children, Jason, 15, and Sarah, 9, had an opportunity to take sailing lessons. The children were having a great time, and in the final event for that season the unthinkable happened.

They taxied out to Coronado Island for a picnic and would return later to the Yacht Club dock. As usual, when the mast rotated, Jason would duck. On this trip he ducked, but the mast broke apart and struck him on the back of his neck. Couple the thrust of a swinging mast with it breaking and you have the remedy for a terrifying blow!

Jason immediately became sick to his stomach, vomiting profusely. He momentarily lost consciousness, his color became gray, and his hands and feet became numb. He had every classic symptom of a broken neck. As his teammates taxied back to the club, an ambulance was waiting to transport him to the hospital. The X-rays confirmed our worst fears — a bone fragment and a chipped second vertebrae. He had a broken neck.

The medical team prepared Life Flight to move him to Children’s Hospital and we began to pray. We called our church pastor and a prayer chain was started throughout our church membership. The pastor rushed to the hospital and we continued to pray.

Before they could put Jason on Life Flight, he became more alert and his normal color began to return. The doctors were puzzled and performed more X-rays. They were shocked when they compared the previous X-rays to these as they were unable to find the bone fracture. It disappeared! The doctors were more than puzzled — two of the doctors kept saying, “This is impossible! I know I saw a bone fracture on the first set of X-rays!”

Life Flight was canceled and Jason made a full recovery.

— K. DeHart

Turn all things over to God as He is concerned about all facets of our lives:

I had volunteered to be the chairperson of a silent auction that would benefit a Christian shelter for homeless mothers. The week before the auction the committee gave me additional things to do, adding to my already long list of last minute details. I felt overwhelmed with the amount of work that had to be completed in just a few days.

When I was driving to the store to buy some additional supplies, I made a mental note to buy toilet paper for myself, since I had not done my family shopping that week. Later, when I was returning home from my last errand for the day, I realized I had forgotten to buy the toilet paper. I did not have time to return to the store, and in my self-imposed stressed state I was berating myself for not remembering my personal needs.

As I approached my house I could see something hanging on the front door and when I realized that it was a sample role of Charmin bathroom tissue with a coupon for my next purchase, I burst out in laughter that immediately brought joy and peace to my heart. I said out loud to the Lord, “what a sense of humor you have…thank you for reminding me that this auction is your work that you are doing through me. I know you are in control. Thank you for providing for my needs and more.”

— C. Kyle

If you have a personal prayer story that demonstrates God’s love and power, send it to or P.O. Box 22785, San Diego, CA 92192. Kathy is a mother, a businesswoman and author of Master Your Disaster. Reprinted by permission from Kathy Alix.

The bible portrays many stories of healing and the good news is healing still occurs today.

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