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Twitch is as one of the most popular streaming platforms and has been the victim of an extensive leak of some important files including information on earnings from the well-known Twitch streamer. According to an earlier Twitch disclosure, a well-known streamer can earn upwards of $5 million annually playing video games online on Twitch.

The reason growth has been significant is because it’s an internet site that has Twitch Earnings leaderboards that show the amount of money given to the top Twitch streamers. In addition to the earnings, leaks revealed sensitive information like streamer passwords as well as previous versions of the site. For those not aware the date of the leak is the 6th October of 2021.

Information On The Leak

  • As per leaked information the two companies xQc and Summit1G were named among the highest-paid producers of the live-television show Critical Role.
  • Information on the source code includes streamer payments.
  • A different aspect to the information leaked is that, from August 2019 through October 2021, premium Twitch streamers are accessible via the Internet.
  • The leaderboard has Ludwig as 6th earning between $1M to $1.4 Million.

Fans React To Twitchearnings. com

A lot of viewers viewed and the twitchearnings site to pay-per-view from the most popular Twitch streamers. However, many requested that users visit rather than TwitchEarnings. com. It seems there is a possibility that the Twitchearnings. site has been removed in the hands of Google or the company that developed the site due to it not showing on Google.

The reason for encouraging supporters to use The site is user-friendly and is very user-friendly and has a great interface. Once you’re there you will see the complete listing of Twitch streamers, along with their user IDs and earnings. The site also offers the option of searching which can be used to locate your preferred streamers on Twitch or the highest earners.

Who Is The Most Paid Twitch Streamer?

The leak that first discovered on 4chan was a viral issue that spread across every social media platform as a wildfire. There are a variety of websites that have created a list of the most famous Twitch streamers and their earnings. It is important to note that the amount leaked is not inclusive of the amount a Streamer earns from donations or sponsorships, nor merch sales.

If we take anything from the leak, it’s CriticalRole who is at the top of the list of the highest-paid Twitch streamers. The leak shows that CriticalRole earned $9.6 million over the past two years. If you’re interested to learn the income of the other Twitch streamers such as Asmongold, xQc, and other streamers, then read this article.

Twitch Earnings Leaderboard – Earnings List of Streamers

Top 50 Twitch streamers Earnings – Total earnings for the whole year 2019-2021 and 2020

  1. CriticalRole: Earnings from Streamers more than $9.6m
  2. xQcOW Streamer Earnings more than $8.5m
  3. summit1g The Streamer’s Earnings are greater than $5.8m
  4. Tfue: Streamer Earnings > $5.3m
  5. NICKMERCS: Earnings from Streamers more than $5.1m
  6. Ludwig: Earnings from Streamers more than $3.3m
  7. TimTheTatman Twitch Streamer Earnings More than $3.3m
  8. Altoar: Earnings from Streamers greater than $3.1m
  9. auronplay streaming earnings greater than $3.1m
  10. LIRIK: Earnings of a Streamer > $3.0m
  11. Unknown: Earnings from Streamers greater than $2.9m
  12. Gaules Earnings of Streamers more than $2.8m
  13. HasanAbi: Earnings of a Streamer more than $2.8m
  14. Asmongold: Earnings from Streamers greater than $2.6m
  15. loltyler1 The Streamer’s Earnings are more than $2.5m
  16. RanbooLive The Streamer’s Earnings are more than $2.4m
  17. MontanaBlack88: Earnings of a Streamer more than $2.4m
  18. Ibai streaming earnings more than $2.3m
  19. Castro 1021 Earnings of Streamer more than $2.3m
  20. MOONMOON: Earnings from Streamers greater than $2.2m
  21. TheRealKnossi streaming earnings greater than $2.1m
  22. moistcr1tikal: Streamer Earnings > $2.1m
  23. Mizkif: The Streamer’s earnings more than $2.1m
  24. CohhCarnage: Streamer Earnings > $2.1m
  25. shroud streaming earnings greater than $2.0m
  26. AdmiralBahroo: Streamer Earnings > $2.0m
  27. Pestly: The Streamer’s earnings exceed $2.0m
  28. Sykkuno: Streamer Earnings > $1.9m
  29. ESL_CSGO: Streamer Earnings greater than $1.9m
  30. LVNDMARK: Earnings of Streamers more than $1.9m
  31. DrLupo Earnings of Streamer > $1.9m
  32. AdinRoss: Earnings from Streamers more than $1.9m
  33. Clix Earnings of Streamers more than $1.8m
  34. TeePee Earnings of a Streamer more than $1.8m
  35. Rubius The Streamer’s earnings exceed $1.8m
  36. PaymoneyWubby PaymoneyWubby Streamer Earnings > $1.8m
  37. alanzoka streaming earnings greater than $1.7m
  38. Trainwreckstv The Streamer’s Earnings are > $1.6m
  39. pokimane streaming earnings greater than $1.5m
  40. tommyinnit The Streamer’s Earnings are greater than $1.5m
  41. Maximilian DOOD: The Streamer’s earnings greater than $1.5m
  42. GRONKH: Earnings of the Streamer more than $1.5m
  43. sodapoppin: Earnings from Streamers greater than $1.5m
  44. ZeratoR: Streamer Earnings > $1.4m
  45. BobbyPoffGaming Earnings of Streamers > $1.4m
  46. Ninja: Streamer Earnings > $1.4m
  47. The Philza: Earnings from Streamers greater than $1.4m
  48. Amouranth The Streamer’s Earnings exceed $1.4m
  49. BruceGreene: Earnings of a Streamer more than $1.3m
  50. Odablock Earnings from Streamers greater than $1.3m


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins: $15 -20 million

Michael ‘Shroud’ Gzesiek: $8 – 12 million

Tim “TimTheTatman” betar 6 million plus

Streamers are rapidly becoming one of the most popular and influential celebs on the market and even more so than the regular reality TV stars.

This popularity also offers the opportunity to earn a lot of money, not only from streaming but also sponsorship agreements books, merchandise, book releases and many more.

Ninja is without a shadow of doubt, the streamer with the most net worth. His fame has allowed him to gain sponsorship from brands like Red Bull and Adidas, develop his own line of products and even create an autobiography.

A report written by Forbes also states that Ninja made $17 million dollars for the year in 2019.

There is also evidence that Ninja’s multiyear agreement for streaming exclusively through Mixer brought the artist around $20 million in the course of the agreement. In addition to that latest cash-flow, Ninja has now penned another streaming contract with Twitch.

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