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    Trusted Apps for Recording Streaming Radio


    Below are trusted apps to record your favorite radio shows when you want to listen to them later. If you like the great music streaming ideas then go here for more ideas from Themescene.


    LiLiCAST is a website application that allows you to record radio stations online. You can schedule recording and live recording on both FM and AM radio. LiLiCAST is an online platform, and there is no need to install it. Create a new LiLiCAST to start recording, then find a title for your video. Tags should also be added to find the recording easily. After the presets, choose a radio station you want to record and start the process. Set the date, time, and duration of the recording. The recurrent recording is also applicable for weekly recording. LiLiCAST has hundreds of radio stations that are already set to record. You can give suggestions in case you don’t find the station you want.

    The radio recording is done in the cloud, making it possible for background recording while using your gadget. You don’t have to run the radio live to record it. Once your recording is aired, an email is sent to show recording is ready. LiLiCAST also has editing facilities to make your radio shows attractive. is a platform for recording and archiving streaming radio broadcasts. You can record your favorite radio stations and listen to them later. The audios are stored in the cloud. It is a secure application, and you do not have to worry about the system’s performance. Professionals can use the application as a hardware and software archive to record their favorite radio shows. Creating an account with is free; you only require a password and an email. The free option lasts for 7 days, and then you can upgrade it to basic, P1 personal, professional, or enterprise professional or enterprise.


    StationRipper offers a free program to save internet radio for your personal computer. You can record two stations and 25 songs at ago with the application. The program can handle Pandora, iTunes radio, video streams, and ShoutCast audio. The StationRipper has an upgraded version that removes the restrictions of recording. The upgraded version can record up to 600 audio streams simultaneously. You can read incoming audio streams through the Station Sniffer feature on the app.

    Screamer Radio

    Screamer Radio is a recording and a freeware application with over 4000 preset stations. The stations are assorted in language, genre, network, and country. The application allows you to input the URL for a specific radio station. Although the application has a glossy and minimal client interface, it offers various options for encoding ACC and WMA to MP3, recording OGG streams as MP3 or OGG.


    StreamWriter has a variety of preset stations, a built-in audio player, and options for inputting URL stations. Besides, the application automatically records scheduled stations. You can blacklist songs and titles you don’t want to record with the blacklist option. The wish-list option allows you to select the songs that should always be recorded. StreamWriter allows you to limit the consumption of bandwidth and also define common task hotkeys.

    There are a few easy steps to recording a phone call on Truecaller. First, open the app and go to the settings menu by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner. In the settings menu, tap on the ‘Record calls’ option. You will be prompted to enable call recording, so tap on the ‘Enable’ button. Once call recording is enabled, all your calls will be automatically recorded and saved in the ‘Recordings’ folder.
    To access your recordings, tap on the three dots in the top-right corner and go to the ‘Recordings’ tab. Here you will see a list of all your recorded calls, which you can tap on to listen to. You can also share or delete recordings from this screen. You can use truecaller mod apk to get premium features for free.
    One thing to keep in mind is that call recording is not available on all devices, so you may not see the ‘Record calls’ option in the settings menu if your device doesn’t support it.

    TuneIn Radio

    TuneIn Radio app gives the user the ability to listen to over 100 000 live radio stations worldwide. One can listen to music, news, sports, and many other things. The application allows you to listen to podcasts, favorite shows, and stations of your choice and record for later listening. You can upgrade the TuneIn Radio to the premium subscription to get MLB and NFL matches, language-learning programs, and audiobooks.

    iHeart Radio M

    iHeart Radio is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS. It combined radio shows and streaming music options to provide a great user experience. You can listen to local radio stations to live and customize the application using the ad-free radio stations. It also has on-demand podcasts, live music events, and themed stations.

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