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    Top 10 Anime Femboys Of All Time!


    Hello everyone! Today’s post is about femboys!! I’m going list some of the best, cutest anime femboys I’ve ever seen!

    You might have come across the term “traps” in the anime community. This term is used interchangably with the word ‘femboy’. However, recently there’s been a lot of fuss surrounding the word ‘trap’ as some people consider this an insult. So, we’ll be using the word ‘femboy’ instead of traps for the rest of this post.

    As you might already know, femboys are girlish looking boys who like cute things and wear girlish attire. Especially in anime where most of the voice actors are females, there’s no way to tell them apart from other girls unless explicitly mentioned by the characters themselves.

    Given their very untraditional nature, they have become pretty popular in the anime and manga community. While there are still a few people who hate them, more and more people are coming to accept their existence and have learned to love them.

    Before introducing these popular anime femboys, I would like to say to those who like them: you guys are insightful. Nowadays, more and more anime fans will make their favorite anime characters into realistic peripheral items, such as anime custom die cut stickers, custom metal pins, etc. If you also favor these anime femboys very much, why don’t you find the fan group to order a batch of exquisite anime femboys peripherals?

    Anime Rewind 2022 Best Girl Edition

    So without any further ado, I present to you my top 10 favorite anime femboys of all time!

    10. Hime Arikawa

    Hime Arikawa

    Hime Arikawa is a feminine-looking boy who got himself into trouble because his parents owed him a lot of money. Thankfully, the student council took care of the debts, but he had to become their servant and cross-dress while at school as a result.

    Even though he started cross-dressing because he had no choice but to, he grew to like being a girl and began to enjoy it.

    9. Gasper

    Gasper vladi - anime femboy

    Gasper Vladi is a half-vampire who can stop time. He enjoys wearing female clothing because he thinks it is cute.

    He had a cowardly personality at first, but as the series progressed, he learned to be self-confident and courageous.

    8. Chihiro


    Chihiro is the ultimate programmer, who became a trap because he was bullied as a child for being so weak for a boy. To avoid their criticism and bullying, he decided to disguise himself as a girl. However, this only added to his fear of being bullied again if people discovered his true gender.

    7. Haku – most elegant of all anime femboys


    Haku is one of the earliest introduced characters in Naruto. It is even mentioned in the manga that he is so beautiful that everyone mistakes him for a girl. While he doesn’t actively try to act like a girl, his appearance can really be deceptive.

    His personality is probably the most normal of all the anime femboys mentioned in this list. And his backstory is something that will break one’s heart.

    6. Ruka – most feminine of all anime femboys

    anime femboys list - ruka

    Ruka is not only the most feminine of all the other anime femboys on this list, he is also the only one who has become an actual girl in the anime (yes, mess up timelines and even this is possible.)

    He is one of the side characters from the popular time travel anime Steins;gate. Unlike most other characters in this list, he doesn’t have a really cheerful personality. As a matter of fact, his always fragile, shy and very conservative. This isn’t necessarily bad, because it only makes one want to protect him and make him happy.

    5. Saika

    saika - anime femboy

    Sakia, is in my opinion, the most wholesome femboy there is. He is kind, warm and is really a good person through and through. He is the very definition of purity.

    Saika is one of the side characters from Oregairu. The MC of this anime clearly likes Saika but only holds himself back because he is a guy. However, this doesn’t stop the MC’s heart from skipping a beat whenever he talks to Saika.

    And the way Saika gets flustered when Hikigaya (the MC of Oregairu) teases him is absolutely adorable.

    4. Hideri

    cutest anime femboys of all time

    Hideri is a cheerful little boy who wants to become an idol. Of course, given that most of the idols are girls, he has decided to become one himself. Other than his love for cute things, his personality is more that of a boy.

    He can easily make dirty jokes and deal with insects like nothing, which is not verey feminine, but that’s exactly what makes him special.

    3. Felix – anime femboy who is also a catboy