Website Unblocking Tips From The Pirate Bay

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Given the number of apps available on the internet, blocking websites on a computer should be a piece of cake for anyone. But how do you unblock a blocked website?

It’s Easier to Unblock Torrent Sites…

Take an example of The Pirate Bay that is currently inaccessible in parts of the UK. Unblocking such sites is definitely possible.

Here are some ways you need to resort to unblock torrent sites on your computer, coming straight out of the TPB blog:

Solution #1Use TOR browser. You can easily download .torrent files off TPB by using TOR on your computer. Use the browser to access the website and grab the magnet link of the torrent.

Solution #2: Change DNS. Switching to Open DNS or Google DNS can help you bypass the block imposed by ISPs.

Solution #3Use MAFIAAFire plugin. Add the add-on to your Firefox browser to access domain names blocked by ISPs. You need to simply type in the website URL on your browser’s address bar.

Solution #4Use Free VPN. Sites like VPN Reactor offer a free service to unlock sites — it is limited to 30 minutes per session which is enough to grab the torrent file.

Solution #5Use Proxy. Operated by the UK Pirate Party, there is a free TPB proxy site that can be accessible through this link. You can also use free, fresh proxies available online.

Another tip to gain access to locked sites is to use Google Translate. Add the website URL and hit the Translate button to access the page.

If the download doesn’t begin or downloading is really slow, there are always similar copies of that file available elsewhere on the web — grab the .torrent file and launch them using any of your favorite BitTorrent client on Windows or Mac.

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