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    Tips for Hand Washing Down Jackets

    The weather is getting warmer. Last year’s down jackets should be put away. Some people may send them directly to dry cleaners H&M discount code NHS.

    In fact, down jackets cannot be dry-cleaned. Now 90% of down jackets need to be washed by hand.

    Today I will introduce a few Tips for hand-washing down jackets, do it yourself, wear it with confidence, simple and safe.


    If it is partially dirty, wipe it with a hot towel. Wash the down jacket once, and wear it once less. If the down jacket is only dirty on the collar or cuffs, first put a few drops of hand washing liquid on the dirty place, and dry it with a wet towel after 5 minutes. Can.

    Do not wash with washing powder. The main component of down jackets is protein fiber. The alkaline content of washing powder is too high.

    Washing with washing powder will easily damage the protective film on the surface of the fiber. Therefore, when washing down jackets, try to use special cleaning agents for down jackets or laundry detergent.

    The water temperature should not be too hot. Soak the down jacket in cold water for 20 minutes to make the down jacket completely wet. Squeeze some laundry detergent and stir until it bubbles, then soak the down jacket. Remember, the water temperature must be below 30 degrees.

    Don’t rub and wring, soak the down jacket in a basin with laundry detergent for 10 minutes, and then start washing.

    Don’t rub it with your hands, use a soft brush, and then wash it with water several times to make sure the laundry detergent is cleaned. Do not twist after washing, just squeeze it with your hands.

    Wash the oil stains on the down jacket with toothpaste. If the down jacket is accidentally splashed with oil stains, you can squeeze a little toothpaste and moisten it with a few drops of water, and spread it evenly on the oil stains.

    Use a soft brush to lightly brush until the toothpaste foam covers the entire oil stain, and then wash the foam with water After cleaning, you will find that the oil stains are gone.


    Note that the down jacket should be fully sun-dried before being packed in a breathable bag, and then placed in a ventilated wardrobe without heavy pressure on it.

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    How to Hand Wash Down Jackets

    In life, most people will choose to send down jackets to dry cleaners for dry cleaning in winter. However, most down jackets are hand washable. Because dry cleaning will destroy the down components inside and reduce the thermal performance of down jackets.

    Baidu experience editor, Shi Shi Ma, reminds a few points, the idea of hand washing down jackets. Don’t bother, wash your hands


    • hand wash down jacket


    Before washing the down jacket by hand, remember to clean the pockets of the down jacket like washing other clothes. Especially the inner pocket on the lining side of the down jacket.

    Wearing thick clothes in winter, some people don’t want to go out with backpacks, and put small things in the pockets of down jackets. Don’t forget.

    For the detergent for down jackets, don’t choose alkaline ones, and don’t choose ones with too high a concentration, otherwise, after washing, they won’t be clean.

    That’s why, we have seen that after the washed down jacket is dried, there will be white stains on the lower part of the clothes. This is caused by not casting cleanly.

    Machine washing is not allowed, otherwise the down jacket will be deformed, and the down quilt inside will be messy and uneven in thickness.

    Just use the washbasin we usually use, take two or three spoonfuls of washing powder and pour it into the basin; then add warm water of about 30 degrees to the basin. Can not be too high.

    Let the water stand for 10 minutes, and stir the laundry detergent inside to completely dissolve in the water. Then soak the down jacket in the water basin.

    This is no different from washing other clothes by hand. However, it cannot be soaked for too long like other clothes H&M discount code NHS.

    Started washing. Use a soft-bristled brush, dipped in water with washing powder, and scrub gently a little at a time. Don’t use too much force, and don’t rub the down jacket with your hands, otherwise it will make the clothes wrinkle.

    Because down jackets cannot be ironed, and the wrinkles are difficult to smooth out. When encountering oil stains, you can dip a little dish soap and scrub the oil stains H&M discount code NHS.

    After washing. Put the down jacket in clean water and throw it clean. Because the down jacket cannot be rubbed, it is troublesome to wash it. It takes five or six times to throw it clean. It is indeed more laborious.

    Then you can’t wring it out like normal clothes. Find a washboard or other board, spread the down jacket on the board, press the down jacket with your palm, and slide it around in parallel to squeeze out the water in the down jacket.

    When a lot of water cannot be squeezed out, put a clean and color-resistant towel on it to absorb a small amount of water.

    The last is drying. Down jackets are heavy after absorbing water, so you need to use a strong drying rack to dry them.

    Do not expose it to sunlight, as it will fade easily. Put it in a naturally ventilated place and wait for it to dry. Finally, use a small stick or tickle to scratch this kind, and beat the clothes on both sides to make the down inside fluffy again and become even.

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