The Role of Electric Supply in Solenoid Valves:


The electric supply is the main thing in the functionality of the proportional control solenoid valve. If the electric supply is working properly the solenoid valves perform better. In the solenoid valves, the electric part consists of the coil and a metal core to regulate the flow of the liquid. There can be  AC or DC energy to power the coils, and it converts the electrical energy into linear energy. The main feature of the solenoid valves is quick responsiveness and remote control working pattern. In a circuit, where you do require quick switching on/off the system, the solenoid is perfect for such a system.

In this article, we are discussing the role of the electric supply in the proportional control solenoid valve:

The Parts of the Electric Supply:


For understanding the workings of the solenoid proportional flow control valve, it is important to understand the electric portion of valves.

There are two main parts of the electric core:

  • A helical coil of copper
  •  Movable ferromagnetic core

The Helicoil is a coil of copper metal and revolves around the movable ferromagnetic core. The core is also called the plunger or the armature and the coil revolves around it to form a cylindrical shape.


How Do Solenoid Valves Work?


The working pattern of the solenoid electronic pressure regulator valve is specific, and you do need to understand the functionality principle of the electric portion of the valves.

  • The solenoid coil has a specific working pattern, in the resting position the plunger extends outside of the proportional control solenoid valve. 
  • When you switch on the solenoid valves the electric current passes through the coil and create an electromagnet. 
  • The magnet attracts the armature to the center of the coil and opens the coil passage for a medium to flow through it.
  • When you Switch off the power, it stops the electromagnet and releases the plunger. The spring brings the plunger to its resting position and the solenoid valve closes the small orifice.


The Working Principle of Solenoid Valves:

The working principle of the proportional control solenoid valve is simple, and it describes the magnetic force generated by the coil must be larger than the spring force.

You can write the working relationship as follows:

The Magnetic Force > The Spring’s Force


When the magnetic force remains greater than the spring force, the solenoid valves remain in working condition. If the spring force becomes greater than the magnetic force it brings the coil back to its resting position.

The whole purpose of the electric supply is to make the combined force of the armature and coil greater than the spring force. 


The proportional control solenoid valve is a quick-responding valve to control the flow of liquid and gases through a piping system. If you want to understand their working principle, then all you need to understand the force difference between the coil and spring. Both of these parts are helping to valves to open and close during their work.

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