The question of the father of the killed college student, can people kill people so brutally?

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‘People can kill people so brutally? If I go to someone’s house and have a cup of tea can I kill their child? I told his (private teacher Saidul Islam) parents a lot. But they could not handle the boy. I want justice for my Maia’s killer.’

The words were spoken by Abdur Rauf, the father of Rabeya Akhter, the college student who was killed in South Salna area of ​​Gazipur City Corporation. The family alleged that on Monday evening, private teacher Saidul Islam entered the house, hacked Rabeya to death and ran away after she rejected the marriage proposal. A day after the incident, RAB members arrested Saidul in a raid in Tangail on Wednesday evening.

Demanding justice for the killer of the girl, Abdur Rauf told Prothom Alo on the phone on Thursday morning, “Hey (Saidul) used to come to my house and teach my maids.” My wife used to feed him good tea and breakfast. We also respected Her as a teacher and as a master. He wants to marry my Maire. But we retreated from there. To retreat, he became angry with us.’

Rabeya’s mother Bilkish Begum, who was injured in the attack, was admitted to the ICU of a hospital in the capitalPhoto: Collected

Abdur Rauf said, since then, Saidul Islam used to attack Rabeya in various places and harassed her. The girl did not tell them much. He has four daughters. He runs the family by working alone. He used to leave home in the morning and come back at night. He did not know about many things.

Rabeya’s younger sister Habiba Akter told Prothom Alo, describing the day of the incident, that on Monday evening, the elder sister and mother were sitting in their respective rooms. At that time the door of everyone’s room was open. Suddenly, private teacher Saidul Islam entered Rabeya’s room. Later Rabeya went to his room after hearing his screams and saw that Saidul was scolding him. At that time, when the mother stopped him, he also got angry and attacked them. At that time, when the people around came forward, Saidul ran away. Rabeya was quickly rescued and taken to Shaheed Tajuddin Medical College Hospital in Gazipur where the doctor declared her dead.

After the attack, Rabeya’s mother Bilkish Begum was admitted to the ICU of a hospital in the capital in a critical condition. Abdur Rauf said that this morning Bilkish Begum was taken from the ICU to the general ward. Now he is safe.

Abdur Rauf said that their village home is in Homna area of ​​Comilla. He bought land and built a house in South Salna area. He lives there with his wife, four daughters and one son. Eldest daughter Rabeya was studying in the second year of zoology department at Alam Government College, Bhawal Badr, Gazipur. Along with education, he worked in a private institution. Saidul Islam was hired as a private tutor to teach the Qur’an to his younger sisters Jinnat Khadija and Jannat. Saidul’s home is in Maheshtara village of Muktagacha, Mymensingh.

Officer-in-charge of Gazipur Sadar police station Ziaul Islam said that the father of the college girl killed in the incident filed a murder case as the plaintiff. Based on secret information, RAB members arrested accused Saidul Islam from Bhuapur area of ​​Tangail last Wednesday evening.

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