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    ‘The Passion of the Christ’ film – Outreach Postcards for Churches

    A special ‘Passion film’ double postcard has been produced by Christian Enquiry Agency for churches to use in outreach. It is aimed at those who see the film and want to know more about Jesus Christ, but have little or no contact with church. The cards are ideal for churches to give away outside cinemas or for individual Christians to give to friends who have seen or will see the film. An image of Jesus from the film is on the front of the card with the question ‘Why?’ There’s an offer of a free booklet, related to the film, from Christian Enquiry Agency freepost by sending part of the card. The part to retain has thought provoking words, a verse from the Bible and an invitation to click on

    The cards are also being placed in most cinemas where the film is shown, through Boomerang Media. For list of cinemas click here. This is in partnership with the denominations, several Christian organisations and individuals.

    For supplies of the outreach postcards, priced 10p each plus p & p, contact Christian Enquiry Agency: Tel: 020 8651 6246.
    email: [email protected]

    If you order 500 or more you can place a personal code on each card and can then know the number of responses and be involved in follow up.

    *** 19th March 2004 ***

    Huge demand from churches for these cards means that we have totally sold out.

    The cards are produced by arrangement with Icon Film Distribution and Boomerang Media, and must not be reproduced. If churches want to produce their own outreach materials – images related to the film can be obtained calling Icon Film Distribution on 020 7494 8100.


    Evangelistic Booklets

    CPO has produced two booklets: ‘True or False?’ (CPO 2294) – provides answers to many of the questions the film will prompt in those who don’t know Jesus personally ‘Experience the Passion of the Christ’ (CPO 2293) – focuses on the emotions, feelings and felt needs experienced by those seeing the film, and teases out how Jesus meets our deepest needs. To order see: Tel: 01903 263354 e-mail: [email protected]


    Website about Jesus

    The UK evangelistic website has news and comment about the film and there will be special content at for those who have seen the film and want to know more about Jesus.


    Website about outreach

    Premier Christian Radio has web pages for churches about using the film for outreach. See

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    New Outreach Contact Cards

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    A new range of eye-catching ‘Contact Cards’ has been launched to help Christians and churches get God’s word out on the streets and into people’s hearts.

    Each of the four postcard size cards covers a key theme: stress, love, forgiveness and satisfaction. There are striking graphics on the front and thought provoking words plus a verse from the Bible inside each card. There’s also an invitation to find out more about the Christian faith by returning the response section of the card to Christian Enquiry Agency (CEA), or by visiting

    CEA sends each enquirer free evangelistic material related to the theme and offers further help, including contact with a local Christian.

    Linda Allcock, GB Head of Operations at Scripture Gift Mission said: “We’re thrilled to be able to launch the Contact Cards in partnership with CEA. With such a great follow-up process built into the cards, we anticipate them being very effective in helping people come to know and love God.”

    The cards are ideal to give to friends, use in door to door outreach, put on a church welcome desk, place in coffee bars . anywhere where it is possible to place a postcard for people to take (see below for more ideas).

    You can order cards in packs of 20 (5 of each design) or quantities of individual cards. If churches use more than 500 for an outreach initiative they can be involved in the follow up – details are sent with each order.


    10 ideas on how to use the Contact Cards

    1. Friends, neighbours and work colleagues – give them a card.

    2. Church welcome desks – display the cards for visitors to take. Postcard display racks are available from major stationers.

    3. Themed Sunday services – plan some church services around the four themes (stress, love, forgiveness and satisfaction) and have the appropriate cards available.

    4. Door to door outreach – use the cards in addition to information about your church.

    5. Wedding services – provide the ‘love’ theme cards for guests to take.

    6. Outdoor mission events – hand the cards to contacts.

    7. Christmas events and services – have the ‘love’, ‘stress’ or ‘satisfaction’ cards available to take.

    8. Luncheon clubs – place cards on the tables.

    9. Easter services – the ‘forgiveness’ card could be used.

    10. Coffee shops, doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms, libraries etc etc – try to place the cards here.


    For supplies go to:

    Scripture Gift MissionDeo Gloria Trust

    Admin Mail : [email protected]