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    The Connections Between Sports and Religion

    This is a response to Sports and Religion.

    Throughout human history, sports and religion have been closely linked. Like religion, sports convey important lessons about values and culturally appropriate behavior. The lessons they teach are similar, and both religion and sports use symbols as their primary means of communication.

    Growing up in my house, I was taught that there is an all-loving God. I feel like I did bring that into my life during and after my time in sports. Since I played two sports in basketball and baseball, I always would look to God to make sure no one would get hurt or nothing goes wrong, because we may prepare our self, and do everything we can do bring out the best of us, but still, we need God to keep us healthy and give us the opportunity to do so.

    Even in the beginning of my football games or before a team dinner, we would bow our heads, and someone would pray. In games where we were losing, I would send God a prayer for him to send a blessing and help us win the game. After sports, I still show my religion in the sports that I watch and sometimes still play. At every single State baseball game, I would pray for us to win the game. I would also send many more prayers up to God when the game was close, and we needed a miracle. This is what a lot of people still do today.

    In class, one of my classmates said that he prayed to God that we would win the Yankees game against Boston. Some people may have looked at him funny, but I agreed since I did the same thing. You can also see it in a lot of sports today. One very famous athlete that shows his religion in baseball is Tim Tebow. He would pray before and after every game, probably during halftime too. He was not afraid to show his colors along with thousands of other athletes that thank God for that he has given them.Religion and sports can be seen completely intertwined with each other or completely apart.


    After looking at these examples and my own life, I have come to the conclusion that the relationship between religion and sports is up to the person participating in the activity. Society may seem to be shifting one way, but I see every type of these relationships in our society. Religion and sports are connected based on how people raised and what their beliefs are.


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