The Best Things To Listen To When Going For A Walk

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“Choose wisely to make your walks more enjoyable”

Going for a walk is a great form of exercise. It’s one of my favorite activities, personally.

It gets even better when you have the right soundtrack. While that’s different for everyone, the main buckets to choose from are the same. Here’s where you can get inspired and have a productive walk:


1. Natural Sound

walking through a nature trailWalking through a nature trail

The first one is simple… Nothing at all! Nature itself has a soundtrack, especially if you’re in a nature-filled environment with birds and wildlife. But even an urban setting has its own unique sounds that can be pleasing to take in if you give them a chance. So try removing the headphones and take it all in.

2. Apple Fitness+ Guides

audio of apple fitness guides for walkingApple Fitness+ Guides

Save yourself the $9.99 per month and start with a free trial first. If you don’t like it, cancel. But if you do give it a go, you’ll find it’s wonderful to have a wide range of celebrities going for a walk with you. They’re specifically designed for meditated, guided walks, and you get to know them a bit better too, including their favorite music which is played.

3. Your Favorite Music


Whether it’s a series of playlists that you cycle through, one big gigantic playlist you have on shuffle, or a radio-type offering with similar music to your favorite tastes, there’s nothing like good ol’ Spotify (or a service like it) to listen to your favorite music as you walk. Something come on that you’re not in the mood for? Simply: Next.

4. Podcasts or Audio Books


There are TONS to choose from, and they’ll make you feel well-informed or entertained while on the go. Here are some podcast options. You can also explore the offerings in your favorite audio app. Look for content based on your interests.

5. The Radio


Yes, the good ol’ fashioned radio. Have a number of stations available to you on the go with an app like Audacy or pull up your favorite station’s website & see how you can listen while going for a walk.


There might be other soundtracks, but the five options above are the best tried-and-true audio companions for a walk. Give them each a try and stick with what works for you!

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