The best practices for negative space in web design

As an inseparable part of the webpage, the importance of negative space shouldn`t be ignored and used. On the contrary, the negative space with good exploitation can have greater use and help engage visitors to the website. Maximizing the effects of negative space in design can affect users more successfully. In the additional text, our Alpha Efficiency will discuss this subject and its vital characteristics. We will help you with how to highly use negative space to bring out the best of positive space and make users absorb information clearly.

 What is negative space and what does he represent in web design?

In design, negative space is considered to be every empty and unused area that contributes overall webpage experience. For visitors, the most evident negative space is on the micro-level (between lines of the text, words, and fonts), and macro-level (around subjects, images, and different large elements of the page). This space makes positive space stands out. Negative space is also termed a white space, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be white. Its major purpose is to draw visitors’ attention to the main subjects. But, if used productively, it can bring a lot of difference in complete web page design. Designers are divided by the opinion of whether negative space should be complex or simple. While some create a very colorful and compound interface, others prefer to keep it plain and hollow. Anyhow, the usage and effect of negative space should be visually component design and comprehend information importance. To accomplish this the right way is to find a balance.

How to maximize negative space potential?

Not every web commerce has the same requirements. Negative space should consider the purpose and subject of the company and how they prefer to impact the user’s experience. By any means, applying negative space can be used for advantage as:

Creating a break in the page helps visitors to focus their attention on the main information. It’s not advised for the page to be overcrowded with messages but to lead visitors into the right course.

Creating content hierarchy using negative space as a tool. Visual hierarchy can be accomplished by organizing elements in the order of their importance. Use the right font that will depict the position and emphasize important text and features. Use negative space to compose or separate elements that should be prominent. Place the key messages and elements at the top and guide visitors’ eyes to the next content.

Avoid dullness and monotony by creating an interesting visual display. The negative space doesn’t have to be white, different colors, patterns, and textures can make negative space creative.

Make important text and buttons stand out, making text readable and drawing users’ attention. Avoid cluttering the negative space, which will conceal core content.

Work on the balance between sections of the page. This means avoiding contrast between different parts or one page to another. On the same page creating moderate contrast can make proper visibility between design elements, making crucial ones stands out. It highlights differences among elements and also promotes a balance.

Keep formatting the content. Optimizing column widths, line spacing, and margins increase the readability and legibility of text body, and understanding, thus making a pleasant visual appearance.

Make a concept of logical grouping. Navigation is easier for users when similar elements are gathered together. Grouping elements in a logical way will ease visitors’ interpretation.

Examples of strategically used negative space design are web pages of companies Apple, Dropbox, Google, Spotify, and others. They achieved the advantage of negative space and create websites with strong visual messages.

Final Thoughts

As negative space in web design supports the entire composition, the role and power of this tool should not be neglected. Since it can be customized in various ways, smartly utilized can elevate the visual appearance of the website design. Making the strategic method of assembling the most of negative space allows efficiently crafted inviting messages for customers.

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