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    The 25th Island of Greece : What Exactly is it?

    25th Island of Greece

    Searches for the Cycladic island have increased and have nothing to do with summer vacation bookings or a new wave of interest in the Greek islands. No, Amorgos has become a meme due to its association with an incredibly popular video game. After noticing reports on Amorgos everywhere, internet researchers linked the searches to memes circulating on Twitter, where users urged each other to search for “the 25th island of Greece”.

    In the list of Greek islands by size, Amorgos is ranked 25th. The meme is a project called “Amorgos” that users think resembles the name of the very popular game “Between Us”.


    Island Greek name Area
    1 Crete Κρήτη 3,219 8,336 Cretan
    2 Evia Εύβοια 1,417 3,670 Euboean
    3 Lesbos Λέσβος 630 1,633 North Aegean Islands
    4 Rhodes Ρόδος 541 1,401 Dodecanese
    5 Chíos Χίος 325 842.3 North Aegean Islands
    6 Cephalonia Κεφαλονιά 302 781 Ionian Islands
    7 Corfu Κέρκυρα 229 592.9 Ionian Islands
    8 Lemnos Λήμνος 184 477.6 North Aegean Islands
    9 Samos Σάμος 184 477.4 North Aegean Islands
    10 Naxos Νάξος 166 429.8 Cyclades
    11 Zakynthos Ζάκυνθος 157 406 Ionian Islands
    12 Thassos Θάσος 147 380.1 North Aegean Islands
    13 Andros Άνδρος 147 380.0 Cyclades
    14 Lefkada Λευκάδα 117 303 Ionian Islands
    15 Karpathos Κάρπαθος 116 300 Dodecanese
    16 Kos Κως 112 290.3 Dodecanese
    17 Kythira Κύθηρα 108 279.6 Ionian Islands
    18 Icaria Ικαρία 99 255 North Aegean Islands
    19 Skyros Σκύρος 81 209 Sporades
    20 Paros Πάρος 75 195 Cyclades
    21 Tinos Τήνος 75 194 Cyclades
    22 Samothrace Σαμοθράκη 69 178 North Aegean Islands
    23 Milos Μήλος 58 151 Cyclades
    24 Kea Κέα 51 132 Cyclades
    25 Amorgos Αμοργός 47 121 Cyclades
    26 Kalymnos Κάλυμνος 42.5 110 Dodecanese
    27 Ios Ίος 41.7 108 Cyclades
    28 Kythnos Κύθνος 38.4 99.4 Cyclades
    29 Astypalaia Αστυπάλαια 37.2 96.4 Dodecanese
    30 Ithaca Ιθάκης 37.1 96.2 Ionian Islands
    31 Salamis Σαλαμίνα 37.1 96.2 Argo-Saronic

    Although it was released in 2018, “Between Us” made the world storm last spring, when quarantined and isolated people were looking for new toys and activities to cure boredom, and it remains extremely popular to this day.

    The game involves a group of astronauts moving around a missile ship performing emergency tasks. However, there is a swindler among the crew, who is assigned to sabotage the safety of the ship and kill the crew.

    Every time a player dies, the whole team, which can be filled with strangers from all over the world, gathers to discuss who he thinks is the scammer and then to vote for them.

    The scammer must try to deceive the rest of the team by flying under the radar or blaming another player. This continues until the cook kills all the other crew members or is discovered and removed from the ship.

    The wide range of the game has made social media users see references to it in their daily lives, whether it is words that remind them of its name or shapes that evoke the emblematic characters of the crew.

    The 25th island in Greece

    Amorgos became a tourist attraction in the late 1980s when the island was the backdrop for the movie “The Big Blue”.

    The film, which became one of France’s most commercially successful films when it was released in 1988, is about the highly imaginative and fascinating story of friendship and sports competition between two of the leading modern liberators of the 20th century.

    More than three decades after “The Big Blue”, Amorgos is positioned in 2020 once again as the seductive backdrop for a new international co-production. German director / screenwriter Nana Neull’s feature film “Töchter” (Girls), based on the best-selling novel by Lucy Frick, was the basis of this film. This was one of the first international co-productions to resume after the first lock in Greece.

    Tourism is growing slowly, although the island’s geographical features hinder mass tourism. It is accessible only by boat. The three main tourist accommodations are located in Katapola, Iggali and Chora.

    The capital of Chora is located in the interior of Amorgos, at an altitude of 350 meters (1,148 feet) near the center of the island. It is a protected village with whitewashed Cycladic houses, alleys and narrow churches. Chora surrounds the castle, which was built in the 13th century.


    The 25th Island Of Greece is the latest meme that went viral on various social media platforms. Asks users to find the name of this island from the Internet. Greece actually has 6,000 islands, of which only 227 are inhabited. Why do people only talk about the 25 th Island among 6000 islands?

    Now, Buzzfeed presents the list of 25 Greek islands that one should definitely visit at some point in one’s life.

    Writing a few words and mainly quoting not the classic, “worn” photos, but using images taken by Instagram users themselves, Buzzfeed really offers a different presentation of the Greek islands.

    When you search for the island on the Internet, a strange name appears on the screen. Many users find it hilarious while many others do not understand the logic behind it. Unable to understand the content, social media users asked for the meme from their social circle. A Twitter user posted: “Someone told me to look at the 25th island of Greece, why?”

    Some social media users post “25th island of Greece” as a challenge for their fans, while many others deceive their fans by saying “Do not look for the 25th island of Greece the worst mistake of my life”.

    After searching the name of the island, you will find its name. This island is known as Amorgos. If you’re an avid Among Us player, you’ll get this joke right away, but if you do not play Amorgos it may sound like any other word.

    The reason for this meme to go viral is that players Between Us associate the word “Amorgos” with their favorite game Among Us. This game is quite popular all over the world, so the meme has also become popular.

    Although these two words are not similar, but they sound quite similar. Thus, the name of the 25th Island Of Greece has proven to be funny for Among Us players. Some players Among us have taken this joke to the next level by adding some other features. Among us See how a Twitter user has reshaped this joke.

    “Hello, my name is Amon Gus. I have a pokemon named Amoonguss and I live on the 25th island of Greece called Amorgus. My family business is growing and selling Suses. When I was 13, I received a lego # 26047 piece as a birthday present from my brother named Amon Sus. ”

    In addition to this meme, players Among us have also found various hands that have become widespread in the world of social media. Players associate names and shapes from this popular game with their daily lives.

    This is the name of the secret list of the Ankara Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to which 25 islands and 127 islets and islets of the Aegean and not only are painted “gray” as disputed areas.

    The number of islands, islets and islets in the Aegean Sea and around Crete, in which Turkey directly challenges Greek sovereignty, ranges from 16 to 25, according to an article in the Sunday newspaper “Proto Thema”.

    At the same time, Turkey is targeting another 152 (!) -From Zourafa, east of Samothrace, to Gavdos in the Libyan Sea. It is no coincidence that there is more and more talk about the secret EGAYDAAK list, which essentially reflects Turkey’s aspirations to paint the Aegean “gray” – and more.

    In the same context, the “gray” until recently Imia is now, according to the provocative claims of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu, Turkish territory.

    According to the same article in the Sunday newspaper Proto Thema, the islands are as follows:

    North Aegean: Zourafa, Antipsara, Fourni, Thymaina, Oinousses

    Cretan Sea: Dionysades, Zeus, Koufonisi, Gaidouronisi, Gavdos

    Central Aegean: Monks

    Dodecanese: Agathonisi, Arkioi, Farmakonisi, Kalolimnos, Plati, Giali, Kinaros, Glaros, Levitha, Syrna, Pergousa, Kandelioussa, Big and Big Brother, Small and Big Sofrano

    Amorgos  recently went viral on social media due to a meme on Twitter.


    Each month, various spontaneous memes appear on the platform inviting users to search for something. For example, “Why were chainsaws discovered” or “which dinosaur has 5,000 teeth” are some of the questions that have gone viral in the past.

    One of them concerned, completely by accident, the “25th island of Greece”. Many rushed to Google the phrase “25th island of Greece” and the answer they received was that the 25th largest of the 6,000 islands in Greece is Amorgos.

    Concluding remarks

    All this was about “Amorgos  which has become a popular meme since it is associated with the popular video game Among Us. Now you can explore more about the natural beauty and secluded beaches of “Amorgos” without fear of being baked by your friends .

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