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    ‘That They Might Live’ (By Paul A. McShane)

    This book tells the story of a battle waged and won by two men whose paths were destined to cross. It details the excruciating task of meeting, engaging and finally defeating the “Demon.” That demon is drugs, and for the first time, a battle has been won in the war against him.


    Throughout the book, you will meet the people who fought the good fight and some of those who are alive today because of it. You will read their stories and see how their lives have been changed because of a pair of men who spearheaded an effort from the grassroots of Oregon to the classrooms of California.

    You will see their pain and confusion, their frustration and joy as the battle waxed and waned. And you will live with the hundreds, who were involved from every walk of life, the fulfillment of a dream, the first onto the summit, as the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a decision that confirmed their beliefs and made worthwhile their walk.

    As the story unfolds, the reader is taken into the depths of despair, seeing the world through the eyes of the young people who now see clearly a life and a future they might not have had a chance to experience without these two men. You will also hear the voices of their teachers and friends who walked through the torments of the damned with them and watched as they emerged from the fire and the darkness.

    Th statistics of the demon’s work are presented in all of their gruesome reality and the words of the Supreme Court Justice who wrote the decision for the majority toll as a bell of promise and of warning. And finally, you will begin to understand that this war against drugs – as any war – can be won, and that the Demon can be destroyed before he destroys another generation.

    After decades of dealing with the results of drug abuse, a fresh view of intervention and hope has come forth. At least a weapon that is mighty in the pulling down of the stronghold on American youth. With every disease, the value of early detection cannot be overstated. How much more so with drug abuse. This book, and the program it explains, is the answer we’ve been looking for. It’s a must read for all Americans.

    For more information on how to receive your copy of That They Might Live, call ProMotions Publishing in San Diego at 1-800-231-1776

    Larry Peltier, M.Div., is pastor of El Camino Cummunity Church in Encinitas and is president of the Most Excellent Way.

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