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    ‘Teddy’ Born to Help in Pro-Life


    I am so pleased to share this story with those of you who share in our work to save babies and moms from the violent practice of abortion.

    It was in January of last year that Diane, my wife, had received a call from a woman named Terry, who had suffered a miscarriage. Terry’s letter expresses a hope, trust and profound commitment to save the lives of so many children. Her letter reads:

    “On September 8, 1994, we found out I was pregnant with my 5th child. We were excited to be blessed, again, since each of our children were very specific reminders of God’s healing power and mercy to us. (Tim had reversed an 11-year vasectomy at age 42 to have children.)

    “We began praying for ‘Teddy’ by name, sure he was a boy. We had two boys and two girls, so it didn’t really matter. During a 15 week check-up, the doctor could not find his heartbeat and determined that it must have stopped beating at about 13-14 weeks. We were sad, but trusted that God’s choice to take this baby at this time was best for all of us.

    “We waited until my 20th week to induce labor and had Teddy on Dec. 19, 1994. Since he was so perfectly formed with nothing “obviously” wrong, we wanted to share the creation of his 14-week body with others. If seeing how detailed and intricate God has created his body at just 14 weeks does not convince you that life began at conception, then nothing could!

    “This 14-week body of our little boy, Teddy, is released to Phil Magnan to be used to teach and train others to help save lives of unborn children.

    His body is proof that our lives begin at conception and are created in a specific, detailed, orderly, awesome way that only God could have engineered and caused to happen. Our prayer is that through our loss of Teddy’s life on this earth, others may have the chance to live theirs.”

    As you can see, this family went beyond their grief and heard the call to protect other little “Teddys.”

    In this my next column, I want to share how Teddy’s lifeless body is promoting life.

    Phil Magnan of Chula Vista and his wife Diane represent Life Source, 426-7275.

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