Supreme Court allows policy of high school religious club


The Supreme Court recently refused to review a lower court ruling which permits a high school religious club to require that its officers be practicing Christians.

A Long Island, N.Y., school board rejected plans for a student religious club that would limit officer positions to professing Christians. The school board argued that such a restriction was discriminatory.

A trial court upheld the school board’s position, but a federal appeals court reversed, ruling that it was reasonable to require club officers to be Christians since their duties included leading the club in prayer. The requirement is a reasonable way “to guarantee that meetings include the desired worship and observance,” the appeals court said.

Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice said the justices “sent a strong signal to the schools of America.” He explained, “The government should not interfere with the operation of religious organizations, including Bible clubs in schools.”

— E.P. News

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