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    Stars being attracted to mystical Kabbalah


    A religious revival of sorts is sweeping the entertainment industry, as the ancient Jewish mystical teaching of Kabbalah attracts star after star.

    The Kabbalah Learning Center teaches that Moses received the Kabbalah on Mount Sinai at the same time he was given the Ten Commandments and Torah. While the Torah was given to all, the Kabbalah was hidden from all but a few sages because it was too advanced for people to understand.

    Kabbalah teaching is attracting Jew and Gentile alike. Students reportedly include Roseanne, Diane Ladd, Sandra Bernhard, Laura Dern, Connie Stevens, Jeff Goldblum, Barry Diller and Dolly Parton.

    Roseanne told USA Today that Kabbalah “is about the connection between mind and body, astrology, Atlantis, reincarnation and computers … It’s everything that in the ’60s we got interested in as a culture.”

    — E.P. News

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