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    SIMONS Part 4

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    Although she’s busy getting her bi-annual magazine Versace ready for launch, Donatella has designed a line which exudes powerful classiness. Gowns were bright in micro-flower prints and had the obligatory up-to-there slit. At Leone
    Leone (757 W. Hastings Store)

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Versace Jeans Couture
    Donatella Versace\’s luxurious \”casual\” line. Worn by Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Elton John and Linda Evangelista. At Butterflies on Bloor and Giorgio Couture.

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Ula Zukowska
    Architect and designer Zukowska made a name for herself when she premiered her collection with red burlap pieces in 1994. Zukowska’s signature ruched and ruffled top in bright and juicy spring colours goes colour-blocked in blacks and greys this fall. At Brian Bailey, Parade, Psyche, Solstice, World Design Lab at Holt Renfrew and XTC Designs (Toronto); Anik Boutique (Ottawa); Fisher & Co. (London).
    Available at boutiques across Ontario

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    Ula Zukowska
    Canadian fashion designer Ula Zukowska owns her own Toronto-based ULA2 Inc. line. This architect/designer’s fashions are fresh, innovative and known for their interesting lines. At Bruce.

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Véronique Branquinho
    The invitation to Branquinho’s fall show was a delicately written passage taken from Charlotte Brönte’s Jane Eyre. The audience was treated to a collection full of beautifully muted colours inspired by the novel. At Corbò Boutique.
    Corbo Boutique (131 Bloor St. W.)

    Designer – Labels, Canada
    Togo is for the woman on the move. It was introduced in 2000, starting with khakis and sweaters. Casual, comfortable and uncomplicated. At The Bay.
    The Bay at Yonge and Bloor

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    What began as an Italian men’s tailoring clothier has devloped into womenswear with a twist This season, red is the colour of choice in lipstick: cranberry, burnt and plum. Evening pants are wide with thick, deep cuffs. At Vetrina

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    How many times have you attempted to pronounce T-S-E, but end up spelling it out instead? Well, I am here to help: It’s like the word “say.” When you want to treat yourself to something luxurious, definitely say it with cashmere. At Finishing Touches, Holt Renfrew and TNT Woman.
    Finishing Touches 416 482-9034, Holt Renfrew 416 922-2333 and TNT Woman 416 975-1810
    Finishing Touches (3281 Yonge St.), Holt Renfrew (50 Bloor St. W.) and TNT Woman (87 Avenue Rd.0

    Designer – Labels, Montreal
    Tavãn & Mitto
    Thanks to a British nanny, Tãvan & Mitto has a gorgeous line of tailored fall clothes. Inspired by the nanny’s classic structure, the label went gonzo for Savile Row fabrics and pure English tailoring. The tweeds are light, just like the colours, which tend toward purples, pinks, blues and navy. Flecks of different colours from contrasting threads make a warm impression.

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Teenflo recently opened a flagship store in New York. Its pieces are co-designed by people in Montreal and Paris. Teenflo reinvented timeless classics in an avant-garde setting. At The Blue Angel, Butterflies on Bloor, Finishing Touches, Holt Renfrew, Maxi Boutique, Mendocino, TNT Woman and Your Clothes Friend (Toronto); Milli (Hamilton).
    The Blue Angel 416 763-2098 and Butterflies on Bloor 416 236-7794
    The Blue Angel (2237 Bloor St. W.) and Butterflies on Bloor (3074 Bloor St. W.)

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Thien Le
    The cape is a hot item this fall. At Maxi Boutique (Toronto); Coquette (Windsor); Justine’s (Ottawa); Raffinée (Windsor).
    Available at boutiques across Ontario

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    Sunja Link
    Newcomer Sunja Link is piping hot for fall. Using a navy and tan cotton twill and pinstriped denim, the young Vancouver designer is all about great pants. At The Block and Eugene Choo.
    The Block 604 685-8885 and Eugene Choo 604 873-8874
    The Block (350 W. Cordova St.) and Eugene Choo (3683 Main St. at 21st)

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Sunny Choi
    Need another business suit? The search stops here. Choi also designs beautiful evening suits for those moments when you don’t feel like that little black dress. At Sunny Choi.
    2901 Bayview Ave.

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    This line is for women who lunch—and look good while doing it. When Elie Tahari first moved to New York from Israel, he spent his first night on a bench in Manhattan, which he now looks over from his Fifth Avenue duplex. At Andrew’s, Holt Renfrew, Maxi Boutique, TNT Woman and Your Choice (Toronto); Great Things (Niagara-on-the-Lake); Milli (Hamilton); Saffron Road (London).
    Available at fine boutiques across Ontario

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    Know any other fashion line that outfits 10,000 marines? Spiewak has clothed the U.S. military for the last 75 years. Clothes are totally functional with a mod attitude. At Bruce
    Bruce (1038 Albemi St.)

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    The New York press office told me that the most requested look is a sleeveless patterned V-neck dress and slouchy brown suede boots. You’d better hurry before this look is sold out. At Max Mara.
    Max Mara (131 Bloor St. W.)

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Stella McCartney
    It is true her father is a former Beatle and at her graduation fashion show, both Kate and Naomi modelled her pieces. In 2000, she designed Madonna’s wedding dress—they affectionately call one another Melly and Stelly. At Holt Renfrew.
    Holt Renfrew (50 Bloor St. W.)

    Designer – Labels, Montreal
    Simon Chang
    It’s the red-shoe diaries as interpreted by Simon Chang this fall. Alongside the camels and chocolates, you’ll find shades of scarlet in reversible coating and boiled tweeds. Don’t miss Chang’s rose-patterned pants and Victorian-lace tops. Chang, a veteran of the industry, never resists the chance to go bold, combining everything from silk and wool to retro beads and appliqués. In case you’re not impressed already, he does jeans, sleepwear, coats, fragrance, career wear, accessories and even uniforms.
    514-384-9203 or 800-465-9203

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    Smoking Lily
    Seasonal designing isn’t really their bag. The two Victoria streetwear designers (who will open a Vancouver store this month) tend to scrounge for fabric and work a piece until the fabric is gone. This means new products every four to six weeks. At Smoking Lily.
    1221 Wharf St., Victoria

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Sonia Rykiel
    Classic Rykiel is the sweater with the seams inside out. And how could we ever forget her nautical red and white stripes? Frequently worn by Céline Dion, Jennifer Lopez and Liv Tyler. At Milli (Hamilton).
    Milli (310 Main St. W.)

    Designer – Labels, Montreal
    It’s an ode to cleavage! Designer Luce Dubeau’s new plunging necklines from Shan are daring and sexy, alongside the classic black one-piece bathing suits and basic bikinis. Prints abound, with jazzy patterns replacing florals and hand-painted details. Shan’s high-tech fabrics are simply a miracle. Also available at E Bikini Village and San Francisco Maillots across Quebec. Call for more information.
    514-287-7426 or 450-687-7101 or 888-687-7101
    2150 Crescent St

    Designer – Labels, Montreal
    Designer Ali Davoudi has got a following. He burst onto the scene in 1995 with his sexy line of body-conscious clothing for women. Pieces are a little less structured for fall, but not too tweedy. He’s doing deep necklines, big floral prints and 1940s hemlines below the knee. Call for more information.
    514-844-4484 or 514-490-1212
    4001 St. Denis St.

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Samsonite Black Label
    The seasoned traveller can now look great with her sleek luggage in tow. Samsonite follows in the footsteps of Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta, which have grown to become more than just luggage. At Marc Laurent, Sporting Life and St. Regis Room (Toronto); Fisher & Co. (London).
    Marc Laurent 416 969-9677 and Sporting Life 416 485-1611
    Marc Laurent (151 Bloor St. W.) and Sporting Life (2665 Yone St.)
    [email protected]

    Designer – Labels, Montreal
    Following the launch of its denim line last season, Rudsak is coming out strong with distressed leather and “rub-off” outerwear. Rabbit fur trims some of the jackets, along with studs and buckles. Black and mocha are the spotlight colours. Rudsak continues to conquer the world. Also available at Les Ailes de la Mode and La Maison Simons. Call for more information.
    1400 Ste. Catherine St. W

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Ruffo Research
    Every year, a guest designer is invited to produce two collections while enjoying Ruffo’s expertise in leather. Past guests include Véronique Branquinho, Raf Simons, A.F. Vandervorst, Sophia Kokosalaki and now add Alexandre Matthieu to the list. This season marks Alexandre Morgado and Matthieu Bureau’s final collection. Who will be next? Find out in April 2003. At Marc Laurent.
    Marc Laurent (151 Bloor St. W.)

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    Salvatore Ferragamo
    The Italian designer credited with inventing stilettos has designed a fall ready-to-wear collection strong on leather, suede and cashmere. At Salvatore Ferragamo
    918 Robson St.

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Roberto Cavalli
    With his famed interpretation of the zebra print with splashes of hot pink, Roberto Cavalli will be in Toronto on September 13 at Holt Renfrew’s Bloor Street location for a jungle luncheon celebrating his work. He will be part of the Viva Italia celebration of all things Italian for 24 days and 24 nights. At Holt Renfrew and La Scala.
    Holt Renfrew 416 922-2333 and La Scala 416 926-0862
    Holt Renfrew (50 Bloor St. W.) and La Scala (5 Hazelton Ave.)

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    Ron Leal
    The Vancouver legend recently launched his new couture label, Sterling, in New York, calling it the sum of all the people he has worked with in his 25-year career. His 7-year-old Ron Leal ready-to-wear label is available at quarterly sales at his Vancouver studio. At TAG The Apparel Group.
    TAG The Apparel Group (2331 Alberta St.)

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Rosaria Lamanna
    Lamanna was formally trained in Milan where she developed an aesthetic for luxury and modernity. She even designs her own fabrics. Actor Arsinée Khanjian and Jeanne Beker are loyal fans. At Erban Corner (Waterloo); Even Better (Niagara-on-the-Lake); Fisher & Co. (London); La Bottega (Guelph) and Rosaria Lamanna Studio by appointment, 877-582-2201
    Available at boutiques across Ontario

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    From the U.K., Religion’s cut-and-sew pieces look vintage but are brand, spanking new. At Bruce and Plenty
    Bruce 604 688-8802 and Plenty 604 454-1283
    Bruce (1038 Albemi Street) and Plenty (2803 Broadway W.)

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    Rick Owens
    OK, so who is Rick Owens? The L.A.-based designer cancelled his debut spring show after Sept. 11 but returns a year later with his mostly cosy, if cautiously sexy collection, Sparrow. At Bacci’s
    Bacci\’s (2788 Granville St.)

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    Roberto Cavalli
    Ever seen something so bad it’s good? With ’80s-Italian ultra-tight dresses, in-your-face prints and flamboyant hose, it was a colour storm from every angle. At Boboli and Leone.
    Boboli 604 257-2300 and Leone 604 683-1133
    Boboli (2776 Granville St.) and Leone (757 W. Hastings Store)

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Ralph Lauren
    From spring’s all-white collection to this season’s complement with the colour black, who knew it all started in 1967 when Lauren opened his first-ever tie shop with no formal design training? At Bella Sport, Holt Renfrew and Sporting Life.
    Bella Sport 416 440-8852, Holt Renfrew 416 922-2333 and Sporting Life 416 485-1611
    Bella Sport (498 Eglinton W.), Holt Renfrew (50 Bloor St. W.) and Sporting Life (2665 Yonge St.)

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    This Paris-based company is over 30 years old and still going strong. It specializes in coats (especially raincoats). Be sure to visit the flagship store the next time you’re in Paris. At Boutique Dita, French Accents and Your Choice (Toronto); Adele (Hamilton); Barrington’s (Oakville).
    Available at fine boutiques in Toronto

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    Emerging designer Jen Gilpin’s fall line might just go on forever: Her cotton/hemp “infinity jacket” is ultra durable and lightweight. (See interview, page 71) At Dream, Global Atomic Designs and Liquid.
    Dream 604 683-7326, Global Atomic Designs 604 806-6223 and Liquid 604 737-1600
    Dream (311 Cordova St. W.), Global Atomic Designs (1006 Mainland St.) and Liquid (2050 4th Ave. W.)

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    Preloved has made a name for itself reworking old-school pieces into new-school funk. Look for a denim jacket made from pieced-together old jeans. At Eugene Choo
    Eugene Choo (3683 Main St. at 21st)

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Emilio Pucci was a member of the Olympic ski team in 1934 and a World War II air force pilot. Dubbed the Prince of Prints, his first collection was inspired by the isle of Capri. Pucci absolutely loved the cropped pirate pants and included them in his debut. They were later named Capri pants. At Holt Renfrew.
    Holt Renfrew (50 Bloor St. W.)

    Designer – Labels, Montreal
    For three years, designers Sylvie Lalancette and Lena Kleine have been making quirky assemblages of denim and knits, with oxidized metal zippers and rough seams. They’re priceless. New pieces for fall have “used look” denim and continue with the rough-edge seams. At Kama, Modeco, Fly, Azure and Unique.
    Available at boutiques in Montreal

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Miuccia Prada’s grandfather, Mario, founded this luxury leather goods company back in 1913. After completing her PhD in political science, the reluctant Miuccia took over the company after her mother. And to think how different the face of Prada would have been without her! At Holt Renfrew and Prada.

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    No frou-frou blouses or bohemian rhapsodies here. Prada salutes fashion through the years in a fall line with references as diverse as the military and vintage lingerie. At Holt Renfrew

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    While interviewing Jewel, VH1 VJ Rachel Perry was wearing a Preloved top. Alanis Morissette, Heather Graham and Meg Ryan have also been seen sifting through the racks of clothing at the Toronto-based store. At Preloved and TNT Blu
    Preloved (613 Queen St. W.)

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Pink Tartan
    From the creative forces behind Club Monaco and Caban comes Pink Tartan. While on a beach holiday together, the designers chose the name: Tartan is their private slang for all things chic. At St. Regis Room and TNT Woman.

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Plein Sud
    I was once told that Céline Dion wore a Plein Sud skirt as a dress. Cher, Britney Spears and Mary J. Blige all agree Fayçal Amor’s designs are flashbulb-worthy. Amor has avoided showing his collections on the runway for more than a decade now. At Corbò Boutique and TNT Woman.

    Designer – Labels, Montreal
    POW by Andy Thê-Anh
    POW’s fourth collection packs a wallop. Andy Thê-Anh’s embroidered and perforated tops in stretch cotton live up to his reputation, as does his saddle-stitched suit in stretch flannel. Tapestry jeans and plaid fur knit tops need to be touched, not described. At Les Ailes de la Mode, Spy, Ogilvy, Cigis and Collections 24.
    514-849-6011 ext 226

    Designer – Labels, Vancouver
    Patricia Fieldwalker
    The Vancouver lingerie designer and queen of French lace never ceases to wow us with her innovative and beautiful lingerie for women of all ages. This fall, find little bed jackets trimmed with faux fur and lots of black Chantilly lace including a tie-on apron to wear over pants or skirts. At La Jolie Madame
    La Jolie Madame (777 Dunsmuir St.)

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Paul & Joe
    Designer Sophie Albou named her line after her two little boys. The label has stores in London, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo, where each collection is designed with each country’s lifestyle in mind. At Holt Renfrew and TNT Woman.
    Holt Renfrew 416 922-2333 and TNT Woman 416 975-1810
    Holt Renfrew (50 Bloor St. W.) and TNT Woman (87 Avenue Rd.)

    Designer – Labels, Toronto
    Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti
    This line was originally called Ferretti Jeans Philosophy. Last year, accessory, lingerie and swimwear collections were launched for this and her ready-to-wear collection. At Corbò Studio.

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