SIMONS Part 20

Home – Furniture, Montreal
A spacious new addition to the city’s high-end stores for imports, Urbana nurtures two big Italian names: Giovannetti and Felice Rossi. It also carries an impressive new company from Spain called Teys and Italian lamps by Panzetti, Laluce and Murano. Don’t forget that three in-house designers do custom-made Urbana pieces.
4158 St. Laurent Blvd.

Home – Furniture, Toronto
Roche-Bobois – Toronto
This team of European designers is gaining major momentum in the world of interiors. They’ve recently added a fourth collection, Ping Pong (combining “Eastern minimalism and Western sophistication”), to their original three lines: Les Contemporains (contemporary, modern); Les Voyages (inspired by a variety of cultures worldwide) and Les Provincials (French Provençal decor). The web site is beautiful, with a ton of pictures.
101 Parliament St.

Home – Furniture, Vancouver
Your favourite stop for edgy clothing is putting an emphasis on furniture for fall. Find the “Baba Rocker” upholstered rocking chair by Calgary’s Matter Design and Therapie lamps by Snowlab, voted one of 2002’s best inventions by Time magazine.
1038 Alberni St.

Home – Furniture, Montreal
This will appeal to your inner pirate—and Lara Croft. Ohm’s exotic touch marries the ancient with the avant-garde, recycling carved frames, antique doors, wagon wheels and pillars from ancient temples. Expect exotic materials, like teak, acacia, mango and sheesham woods, combined with brass and encrusted bone carvings.
4440 St. Laurent Blvd.

Home – Furniture, Montreal
Get your Visa card ready for the new Ping Pong collection by designer Paola Navone. It’s “minimal Asiatic,” mixing teaks and metals. In other words, it’s inventive—and gorgeous. Roche-Bobois, a French store in Montreal for over 25 years, is also known for its private label Les Provinciales collection made by artisans. Leather sectionals from the contemporary line are flying out the door, as are pieces from the Les Voyages collection.
505 Président-Kennedy Ave.

Home – Furniture, Montreal
Yes, it’s a sister store of Stacaro on King Street East in Toronto. They’re still the only retailers in Canada to carry the classy Belgian dining room pieces by Flamant, among other things, and farmhouse-style pieces by Antix of France. Melt into the private label sofas while admiring the picture frames and knick-knacks.
2035 Stanley St.

Home – Furniture, Montreal
A welcomed liquidation centre for Avant Scène, where Ikea regulars dare to dream. Stock varies, so go often. Imagine owning the four-part movable coffee table by Bellato ($1,000 at 50 per cent off) or Italian bar stools by Magis. Expect to find some accessories, too, like Tommy Larsen’s letter openers and cardholders from Denmark. Ask Diane, the manager, for help on all issues of design and decor.
5225 St. Laurent Blvd.

Home – Furniture, Montreal
As seen in The Apartment in Soho. Designer Jean Guy Chabauty started his own line of upholstered sofas, beds and tables in 1997, after 10 years in the business, then opened this dazzling showroom two years ago. Admire the new Carré sofa in black walnut and the retro-inspired Scandinavian armchair with a cherrywood structure. The comfy, big Europa is a lounger’s paradise.
4268 St. Laurent Blvd.

Home – Furniture, Montreal
Only 10 minutes from the Champlain Bridge, Moquin has room to spread out. With 20,000 square feet and five showrooms, it stocks 80 per cent contemporary Quebec designers, like Lebel and Ital Divani, along with tasty European pieces like Karia’s flexible wall unit. Mod chairs attest to Moquin’s advertising campaign: “450 c’est cool.”
410 Taschereau Blvd. W., La Prairie

Home – Furniture, Toronto
Nestings Kids
There are just some places you must go to if you’re having a baby or redecorating a kid’s room. It has bedding, furniture, artwork, rugs, wall coverings, and everything else you could need. It’s gorgeous. It’s decadent (it even has Juicy Couture for your toddler). It’s inspiring. Plan to spend a few hours (and just a bit of money).
418 Eglinton Ave. W.

Home – Furniture, Montreal
Rugged and mod, the furniture by Erik Desprez makes good use of re-purposed wooden seams. Since 1995, this contemporary designer has been quietly pleasing clients with his meubles bruts. If furniture could be called chunky, this is it. By appointment only.
3655 St. Laurent Blvd., Suite 411

Home – Furniture, Montreal
Revel in accent imports from Italy and France, including chandeliers in Murano glass from Venice and German lamps, while eyeing the commodes, chests and coffee tables. This is where to find reproductions of Louis XIV, XV and XVI, as well as Empire. An in-house design service is available for custom work.
371 Laurier Ave. W.

Home – Furniture, Toronto
Ridpath’s Fine Furniture and Interior Design
Here you’ll find beautiful, upscale furnishings for people with international yet distinictly urban tastes. This store carries some of the most incredible items in the city. There’s free parking in the rear and it doesn’t cost anything to look.
906 Yonge St.

Home – Furniture, Toronto
The Barber-Sachs Collection
Just north of Daveport, this store caters to those looking for children’s furniture with a personal touch—custom, hand-painted, charming pieces. Check out for creatively painted wood knobs.
158 Avenue Rd.

Home – Furniture, Toronto
Kol Kid
With one-of-a-kind and limited edition quilts, bedding, braided rugs, cabinets, dressing tables, toys, clothing, stools, themed posters (including Where the Wild Things Are), stuffed denim chairs, hand-painted dressers, handmade felt mobiles and customized benches, we’re even more exhausted than before (but in a good way!).
670 Queen St. W.
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