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    SIMONS Part 19

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    Attic Treasures
    Unearth Danish teak dining tables, a Hans J. Weger desk ($2,900) and gaudy vintage McDonald’s Coca-Cola glasses that will catapult you down memory lane.
    944 Commercial Dr.

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    Axis Decorative Arts
    The men behind the highly successful Axis hair salons have amassed one of Canada’s largest collections of French art deco furnishings from the mid-1920s to 1940s.
    938 Howe St. (604-642-2288)

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    French Country Antiques
    Since leasing a new, permanent warehouse space from design guru Robert Ledingham, owners Mamie Angus and Sherry Killam are busier than ever combing Provence for stylish armoires, tables, cupboards and chairs from the ’20s through the ’40s.
    125 E. Fourth Ave.

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    Pottery Barn – Vancouver
    The Manhattan Leather collection in cognac, licorice, cherry, chocolate and caramel (richly stylish furniture you would have found in N.Y.C. nightclubs in the ’30s) will make your mouth water.
    2600 Granville St.

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    Restoration Hardware – Vancouver
    .This California-based company will turn 25 next year, but festivities began early with a spot on Oprah in July. Find lighting, furniture, bath hardware and a fine selection of cleaning polishes and oils.
    2555 Granville St.

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    Urbix at Industrial Revolution
    Recent renovations made way for new addition Urbix, which focuses on space-saving furnishings in contemporary designs. Discover storage solutions like FreedomRail (a closet-organizing mechanism) and a multi-functional wooden coffee table by Mascotte that opens and raises into a full-size dining table for six adults ($1,500).
    2306 Granville St.

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    Urban Barn
    Go for the steel-and-wood Sandra bed—a bargain at $399.
    1992 W. Fourth Ave. and three other locations.

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    IKEA – Vancouver
    The famed Swedish home superstore has started raising red sale signs for the first time in company history. Low prices and functionality are what keep the huge parking lot jam-packed.
    1000 Loughheed Hwy., Coquitlam (604-636-1000) and 3200 Sweden Way, Richmond (604-273-2051)

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    This fall, loyal patrons and celebrity clientele will find more browns and greys in linens, cottons and velvets as well as the new, private label Liberty bedding and bath line. The newest store is in North Vancouver.
    1295 Seymour St. and two other locations.

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    J Interiors
    That owner June Matheson is selling a lot of feng shui crystal may be linked to her personal zeal for the ancient art. Leather chairs are a specialty.
    2213 Granville St.

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    Montauk – Vancouver
    Big, shabby chic, slip-covered sofas and chairs follow none of the existing rules for clean-lined decor, but are great for flopping into when watching Sex and the City reruns on rainy Sundays.
    1062 Homer St.

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    Still Life Interiors
    Cherry, walnut, maple and mahogany in contemporary designs custom-made to order are the reason both Stanley Tucci and Gillian Anderson have this furniture in their personal residences. Craftsmen sign and date each beautiful piece.
    2349 Granville St.

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    Design House
    Enthusiasm over the Victoria store led to a location in Vancouver. Check out the unfussy, modern furniture, as well as Alessi kitchenware.
    1110 Mainland St.

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    Inform Interiors
    Inform knows that wenge and coloured lights are over—for now. Look for a reduced, elegant aesthetic this fall in neutrals, grey oak and layered lighting.
    97 Water St.

    Home – Furniture, Vancouver
    Italinteriors – Vancouver
    Credit Italinteriors for Lumière’s stylish new chairs. Italian and Dutch pieces exhibit the subtle wow factor of great furnishings. Expect colour this year, as in a funky new neoprene chair by Segis ($115).
    1028 Mainland St.

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