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    SIMONS Part 10

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Vancouver
    Jericho Tennis Club
    Amenities: tennis, squash, fitness centre, swimming pool, sports shop and dining. The initiation fee is $14,000 for a full-play membership; $10,000 for a social membership.
    3837 Point Grey Rd.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Vancouver
    Hollyburn Country Club
    Amenities: tennis, fitness centre, aquatics, badminton, bridge, curling, ice-skating, hockey, squash, tennis, nursery and sports shop. Initiation fee: $25,000.
    950 Crosscreek Rd., West Vancouver

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Hot Yoga, Bikram\’s Yoga College of India
    More hot yoga. So hot, in fact, students are advised to wear as little as possible—even bathing suits—in this class. During a 90-minute session, the instructor leads you through each pose, correcting your alignment when necessary to prevent you from forming incorrect positions.
    720 Spadina Ave., Suite 306

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Vancouver
    Innovative Fitness Consultants
    This boutique-style personal training gym keeps clients beautiful with tough training balanced with fun, monthly events like river-rafting. The Saturday Boot Camp circuit class ($15) lets you see what you’re really made of. Rate: $60/hour.
    2080 W. 10th Ave. and one other Vancouver location

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Montreal
    Gymnasia is charming tech workers in the Old Port while correcting their posture, giving massage and providing one-on-one training. This 2,500-square-foot loft just expanded upstairs, adding another 1,500 square feet for yoga and Pilates. Don’t forget to ask for lessons on the wobble board. It’s great to build shaky ankles and tired knees.
    361 St. Paul St. W.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Montreal
    Gymnastique Sur Table
    Here’s a twist on Pilates that fitness buffs won’t want to miss. It uses a contraption called the Fitness Table, like the Pilates Reformer, to isolate muscle groups. Ex-dancer Thérèse Cadrin-Petit brought this technique from France. Definitely worth checking out.
    5130 St. Laurent Blvd., Suite 200

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Montreal
    Heaven and Earth Institute
    After spending 11 years as a Buddhist monk, Daryl Vansier trained in California to became a massage therapist and Heller-work practitioner. Luckily, he opened his own centre in NDG, where people can take meditation classes and get one-on-one bodywork sessions. Vansier minted a style of yoga called Divya, based on a posture flow series. He has five instructors at the Institute offering 25 classes per week. Vansier earned approval from The Yoga Alliance in the U.S. in 2002.
    3502 Walkley Ave.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Florida Jack\’s Boxing Club
    This is the antithesis of a yoga class. No incense or soft words of encouragement in this aerobics-meets-boxing-meets-boot-camp class. Instead, owner \”Florida\” Jack Harrell yells: \”Give me 20 sit-ups, 20 push-ups and run the stairs 20 times! Nobody slow down! Do not succumb!\” A typical 90-minute class begins with 20 minutes of jumping rope followed by a few trips up and down four narrow flights of stairs, usually carrying medicine balls weighing anywhere from six to 40 pounds, until your calves are on fire. Then, it\’s never-ending push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks and leg raises.
    782 Yonge St.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Fuel Fitness
    Get your tush in shape with state-of-the-art cardio and strength-training equipment. Tons of classes including spinning, Pilates, yoga, boxing, aerobics and tae kwon do. Free daycare. Shiatsu and chiropractic services are also available.
    4500 Dixie Rd., Mississauga

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Goodlife Fitness Club
    This is a laid-back gym where you don\’t have to worry about being decked out in the latest fitness fashions. Haul on your boyfriend\’s sweats and your old college T-shirt. There are a variety of fitness classes including classes called Bodyattack, Newbody and Bodypump, and yoga too. However, it\’s not the most Zenlike experience, as you can often hear beefy men grunting as they bench-press weights in the next room. Also has a pool.
    55 Bloor St. W. and six other Toronto locations

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Esther Myers\’ Yoga Studio
    Esther Myers, a respected yoga instructor and breast cancer survivor, has just released a video on yoga for breast cancer survivors. At her studio, she offers a range of yoga classes from beginner to advanced levels, as well as workshops for trouble areas like the lower back.
    390 Dupont St.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Vancouver
    Executive Lifestyles Personal Training Studio
    Sixty personal trainers help with everything from general fitness and weight loss to sport-specific training and rehabilitation. Rate: $50 to $60/hour.
    100-555 W. Eighth Ave.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Extreme Fitness
    \”You name it, we have it,\” says a customer services rep over the phone. \”The only thing we don\’t have is squash, otherwise we\’re the gym for you.\” There is, indeed, everything from cutting-edge cardio and weight equipment to swimming and boxing at this North York club. There\’s also a chiropractic clinic. Numerous classes to choose from such as Pilates, step, Tai Chi and Latin dance. Your membership includes a fitness evaluation every eight weeks, as well as a meeting with a nutritionist.
    4950 Yonge St.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Downward Dog Yoga Centre
    Downward Dog is known for its strenuous Ashtanga classes. Co-owner Ron Reid will make you sweat buckets. Celebrities such as Ally McBeal’s Gil Bellows, Creeggan, bass player from the Barenaked Ladies, Willem Dafoe and Sting have been spotted here.
    735 Queen St. W., 2nd floor

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Eclipse Fitness Club
    Right at Eglinton with lots of state-of-the-art equipment, this is a very convenient place to get your body bodilicious. Open and airy, with high-ceiling exercise rooms and exposed concrete columns. Quite a high ratio of staff to members and a variety of payment options. Fifty to 60 fitness classes a week, including Pilates. The cycle classes are always packed.
    2300 Yonge St., Plaza Level, Yonge Eglinton Centre

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Epic Fitness
    A very nice boutique-style gym in a three-storey building downtown. Lots of weight training and cardio equipment. The spinning is extremely popular here, as are the body-sculpting classes which use light weights. Also offers yoga, abs and Tai Chi classes. Extras: personal training and massage therapy. Drop-in: $12. Three-month membership: $198.
    9 St. Joseph St.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Dancing on King
    Let’s face it, knowing how to tango is the coolest. Dance lessons in everything from the more traditional ballroom steps to Latin and hip-hop. Also offers private lessons and wedding choreography. Partners, singles or groups.
    79 King St. E.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Vancouver
    Dianne Miller Pilates
    Miller has been teaching Pilates, ballet and structural alignment for 40 years. Credited with introducing Pilates to Canada in 1985, she still leads daily wait-listed classes. A package of eight \”well back clinic\” classes is $150.
    719 W. 16th Ave.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Diesel Fitness
    A slick new space that looks more like a nightclub than a gym, which is exactly how owners George Chaker and Josh Feuer want it. This urban oasis offers personal training and classes such as Bootylicious, Ballet Boot Camp, Kick-Cardio Combat, as well as spa services. There is also the Fuel Bar for energy shakes.
    99 Spadina Ave.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Montreal
    Club La Cite
    Models, dancers, ballet stars and TV personalities get cut at La Cité, a swanky fitness club with a heated outdoor pool, juice bar and trendy boutique. Spinning classes draw a crowd, as do George’s kick-boxing sessions. Don’t worry about getting screwed with a bad membership package because everyone pays the same price. Parking is free after 5 p.m.
    3575 Parc Ave.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Montreal
    Club Sportif Maa
    Miranda Esmonde-White, from the PBS show, is charming MAA regulars with her new Classical Stretch classes. Members are also excited about the new Bosu ball with one flat side for added stability. The ladies’ locker room was renovated this year and now has a steam bath, sauna and lounge. The Alouettes train at the MAA, as do a few Olympic athletes, so memberships are priced to help keep out the riff-raff.
    2070 Peel St.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Montreal
    It’s astonishingly clean and bright at this trendy new \”fitness spa café.\” Feelgood boasts 25-foot ceilings, cardio machines equipped with cinema stations, a discrete ladies-only gym and a sushi bar by Soto Express. Treat yourself to a Cleopatra Treatment at the spa or a personal training session with fitness guru Alex Dupré. Tip: Spinning classes with Heather Johnson need to be experienced.
    3500 Côte Vertu Blvd., VSL

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Montreal
    Centre Pilates de Montreal
    Rest assured, the staff is certified. Ann McMillan has a master’s degree in exercise science and is a certified Polestar instructor, studying under Elizabeth Larkam herself. With seven Reformer machines, two trapeze tables, one chair and four barrels, this Pilates centre is a going concern. Sign up for mat classes, semi-private or private, while more experienced practitioners can do the new Advanced Magic Foam Roller class. There’s also a new osteoporosis program to complement the facility.
    5065 Queen Mary Rd.
    centrepilatesdemontreal. com

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    City-Core Golf & Driving Range
    Not feeling so confident on the course? Just across from the Skydome, City-Core is the place to grab a few lessons to improve your game. Instructors offer private or group golf lessons, with videotaping to analyze your swing.
    2 Spadina Ave.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Vancouver
    Cliffhanger Indoor Climbing Centre
    Before tackling the Stawamus Chief, thrill-seekers get a foothold at Vancouver’s original climbing gym. The view of the North Shore mountains is encouraging. Intro class: $68.
    106 W. First Ave.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Bodies R Us Pilates
    Clients receive private, one-on-one instruction at this downtown Pilates studio doing mat and machine work until they’re at an intermediate level. At that point, they can go into a group mat class if they choose and keep one private class a week. Owner Jo Ann Ramsay and instructor Carol Robins are booked solidly with executives, FASHION Magazine editors-in-chief and publishers, and lots of ballet dancers. Individual attention is an expensive habit (go for the larger packages to save the most), but the results are astonishing. Robins is particularly good at creating programs, whether for newcomers to the concept of exercise or serious athletes. Try to book when there are no sylphlike National Ballet dancers on the Cadillac rack: Their perfect form and forms can be a bit hard on the ego.
    Richmond St. E.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Body Harmonics Pilates
    In this intimate Pilates studio, the emphasis is on joint mobility, postural alignment and also abdominal and back strength. Classes are limited to 12 participants and are offered year-round. With hundreds of variations on mat-work exercises at every level, you are always introduced to new exercises that stretch, strengthen and realign your entire body. Beginner, intermediate and advanced mat work, as well as back care, pre- and postnatal classes and rehabilitation.
    672 Dupont St.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Montreal
    Centre D\’excalade Horizon Roc
    A gem in the city\’s east end, Horizon Roc is expanding to double its capacity. It encourages beginners, young climbers, families and corportate outtings. It\’s fun and colourful, with 3-D walls and a laid-back staff. More extreme climbers can find tough routes here, but the focus is on middle-level climbers.
    2350 Dickson St.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Montreal
    Bikram Yoga Montreal
    The Bikram studio in Montreal found its feet, offering over 25 classes a week. Known as hot yoga, it’s practised in a heated room. Bring two litres of water and a towel. Get there early for classes led by popular yogis Stuart Rubin and Dina Tsouluhas.
    721 Walker Ave.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Bikram Yoga Toronto
    A series of 26 positions plus two breathing exercises are done in a room heated usually 38° to 41° C. The heat supposedly reduces the chance of injury from overstretching and also facilitates a detoxifying cleansing process through sweating.
    25 Merton St., 2nd floor

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Vancouver
    Bikram Yoga Yaletown
    This Yaletown studio devoted to hot yoga was researched and designed to be comfortable and healthy for students. First drop-in: $10.
    1232 Richards St.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Vancouver
    Arbutus Club
    Amenities: ice-skating, curling, diving, swimming, fitness centre, tennis, squash, racquetball, music studios and pro shop. Initiation fee: $25,000. The Arbutus Club’s head tennis pro, Pat Macken, held the number one B.C. Men’s Doubles ranking for 10 years and has 25 years of coaching experience under his belt. Heavy hitter Neil Parker now holds the Assistant Pro position here. Rate: $45/hour (private).
    2001 Nanton Ave.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Montreal
    Ashtanga Yoga Studio
    Simply the best instruction in town given by the most compelling yogis. Allison Ulan and Darby trained in India and have a cultlike following of happy, healthy clients. Their Ashtanga classes shame all imposters, otherwise known as power yoga in health clubs. Join a Level 1 class immediately. Jessie and Eugene team-teach a powerful session and Ulan’s regular Saturday morning class is essential for basics.
    372 Ste. Catherine St. W. #118

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    This 33,000-square-foot gym is always packed with busy folks rushing in after work for some stress relief. Find treadmills, stair machines, stationary bicycles, cross-country skiing machines, rowers and 45 to 50 fitness classes per week. All memberships include a consultation, orientation session and general program plan. The latest group exercise classes include yoga and Pilates. There is even belly dancing.
    80 Bloor St. W.

    Fitness – Clubs & Studios, Toronto
    Alberto Gomez
    Alberto Gomez teaches salsa, cha-cha, merengue, mambo, and Argentine tango from beginner to professional at various venues in the city.

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