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    Bill Keeps Changing


    AB 1982 PREVENTS CALIFORNIA FROM RECOGNIZING SAME SEX MARRIAGES (Knight-R) passed the Assembly, went to the Senate Judiciary Committee where it was tied up for months and finally passed out of there with amendments to recognize domestic partnerships for homosexuals and heterosexuals. It then went to the Appropriations Committee, which wouldn’t delete the amendments and then went to the floor of the Senate. Republicans attempted to strip out the hostile amendments that Democrats had inserted into the bill. With the Senate deadlocked on the bill, Lt. Gov. Gray Davis, officially the President of the Senate, cast the deciding vote, which officially killed the bill. He voted no because “I have always opposed same sex marriage, but support domestic partnerships.” Note: Davis intends to run for governor when Pete Wilson’s term is up.

    WHAT IS HAPPENING ON OUR STATE AND UNIVERSITY CAMPUSES? Word is reaching me that on some college campuses and lately at the University of California at Riverside, that there are a group of Mexican National Radicals and Brown Berets in uniform waving the Mexican Flag while pointing their fingers or raising their right fist and screaming into a microphone about white racism and elimination of the white devil in the name of God. Speeches about the blood thirsty Christopher Columbus; George Washington, the compulsive liar; Abraham Lincoln, the master racist; and Carl Marx the enlightened one all within the full knowledge of the Dean and professors under the guise of tolerance. Verification of this at this campus and other campus is needed, with names, dates, etc., in order to present this information to our elected representatives in Sacramento for a thorough investigation.

    VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE HAS CHARGED THE REPUBLICANS FOR ACCEPTING MONEY FROM THE TOBACCO COMPANIES, yet Mr. Gore used to harvest tobacco in his home state of Tennessee and accepted money from the Tobacco Companies, and just this year the Democrat party accepted $65,000 in May from two large tobacco companies. (Human Events, July, 19, 1996)

    MAJOR MOM: Robert Maginnis, a defense policy analyst with the Family Research Council commented. “The services have acknowledged that at any given time, 10% of their women might be pregnant. As a planning factor you have to just count them out. You don’t deploy them and that has a significant impact on readiness.” (Human Events, July 26, 1996)


    delivering the keynote address at the West Coast Conference on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Education Oct. 26. The conference will feature workshops on “Why Schools Need to Address Homophobia and Heterosexism,” “Understanding and Responding to Anti-Gay Rhetoric,” etc. (Inside California, September 1996)

    CHRISTIAN CENSORSHIP: The Air Force’s top generals have warned Catholic chaplains against participating in a Catholic postcard campaign opposing President Clinton’s veto of the partial birth abortion ban.

    QUOTE: “The wisdom of the ages reveals that our moral compass cannot ultimately come from Lansing or from any other state capital, any more than it can come from the nation’s capital, or Hollywood, or the United Nations, or some abstract liberal conception of the “Village.” It comes from deep within us; it comes from our character, which is forged in our families and our faith and tempered in the arena of decision making and action. (John Engler, Governor of Michigan-Imprimis, August 1996)

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