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    Scientists stuff theory of evolution

     Results of an eight-year study done by the Institute for Creation Research in Santee attacks the foundation of evolution head on. Research done by a team of about a dozen scientists provides evidence on the youth of the earth, taking away the millions of years evolution depends on.

    The scientists, known as the RATE team (Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth), have made astounding discoveries based on the studies relating to the age of the earth.

    Through the careful analysis of conventional dating methods, which produce conflicting age results, and from extensive research on helium diffusion, radiohalos and carbon-14, the RATE team has produced compelling evidences that the earth is thousands, not billions of years old.

    One of the bigger discoveries, the presence of carbon-14 in all the coal and diamonds that were dated, reveals that they cannot be millions or billions of years old as evolutionists might have you believe. Carbon-14 is radioactive and unstable and therefore decays quickly. The presence of carbon-14 marks the age of something at a few thousand years, because the element wouldn’t be able to last for millions of years. This evidence supports the Bible’s timeline, disproving the millions-of-years timeline used as evolution’s foundation.

    Dr. John Morris, president of ICR, said for those who understand what this evidence means, it’s a slam-dunk for Bible believers.

    “Evolution as a concept needs these millions of years,” he said, “but this evidence takes those years away. It’s a rare progress and if deep time doesn’t exist, evolution fails.”

    Morris refers to evolution as the “linchpin” for a society that has abandoned God. It has led to issues in society that rip people apart, such as racism and abortion. With evolution, there is no Creator God to whom people must give an account of their lives to, forming behaviors in society that are evil, he said.

    Adolf Hitler used Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species as justification of the dominance of the Aranian race. The book’s subtitle, “The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life,” shows the racism present in the book.

    With evolution in the air, these evil practices are given a defense, but when you strike down evolution’s foundation, these defenses are left hanging in the wind, he said. It’s a religion of naturalism, putting God out of the process and leading to wrong behavior.

    Morris said the evidence that defends the earth’s youth is needed to restore life. Evolution is a cult of death, because it is based on survival of the fittest, which in turn leads to extinction of the unfit, he said.

    Over the years, evolutionists have chosen to ignore the discrepancies in their dating. A major fault has been found in the dating of solidified lava rocks. Take Mt. St. Helen for example, a volcano that erupted 25 years ago. When testing the lava rock that is known to only be 25 years old, results still show the rock is thousands of years old.

    Evidence such as this is clearly on our side, said Morris. “The bottom line is that the Bible’s right and we can trust it,” he said, “even in areas of history and science. The Christian faith can’t be proven, it’s something you believe. But when it was put to the test, it worked.”

    The conclusions drawn from this research should give Christians hope in the God they have entrusted their lives with.

    Evolution is the key to anti-Christian belief, making it clear that we are here without any help of the God we are held accountable to, yet it is an unreasonable faith. Morris said it’s unreasonable to believe a frog can be turned into a prince over millions of years, but it’s reasonable to believe God picked up some dirt, creating man.

    This study’s results are encouraging, increasing faith in the contents of the Bible that has not yet been proven. Morris will be the emcee of ICR’s November conference, where four of the involved scientists will present the results of this study for the first time. The spokesmen: Dr. Larry Vardiman, Ph.D. in atmospheric science; Dr. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D. in physics; Dr. Andrew Snelling, Ph.D. in geology; and Dr. John Baumgardner, Ph.D. in geophysics.

    Other RATE members who are expected to attend the conference but not speaking are Dr. Steven A. Austin, Ph.D. in geology; Eugene F. Chaffin, Ph.D. in physics; Steven W. Boyd, Ph.D. in Bible; and Donald B. DeYoung, Ph.D. in physics.

    Though the information is extremely technical, the arguments will be transferred into everyday language. The results have also been included in a technical book, a layman book, as well as a docu-drama that will be shown at the conference.

    The docu-drama, “Thousands…Not Billions” — which is also the title and theme of the conference — is equipped with computer graphics, interviews with the scientists and a narrator. The scientific material is translated into applicable, useable language that can be understood at a junior high or high school level.

    ICR exists to tackle the “godless and compromising dogma of evolutionary humanism” with Biblical Christianity and has made discoveries that have hit evolution at its core. The millions of years evolutionists rely on to keep this ungodly concept going have been taken away, fatally assaulting the foundation of this opposing Christian worldview.

    The conference will be held Nov. 5 at Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon. Pre-registration for this event is required and seating is limited. To attend the conference or request additional information, contact Denise Prock at (619) 448-0900, ext. 6020.

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