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    San Diegans plan to deliver Christmas gifts to Biloxi, Miss.

    “Do you or your kids remember what you did last year for Christmas – or five years ago?”

    When Phil Harris asks the question, you know he has a suggestion:

    “Invest in the most unforgettable Christmas that you and your family will never forget,” he says. “Give a Christmas gift to Biloxi, Mississippi.”

    The gift can be in the form of giving and/or joining a huge caravan going to Biloxi on Dec. 16-26 to help rebuild homes and lives.

    Harris heads the Friends & Family Community Connection, a non-profit organization that has been quietly helping people in need for the last 10 years. They helped behind the scenes in the Cedar Fire two years ago in East County, and since Hurricane Katrina, Harris and his team has been coordinating assistance to families that have relocated to San Diego. To date, the help has focused on churches being willing to adopt a family for a year, assisting in housing, transportation and other needs.

    The new, more ambitious outreach is to deliver help to Mississippi. In mid-November, a scouting team of construction assessors will be going to Biloxi and nearby Gulf Port to create construction/household profiles for 15-20 families identified by the Biloxi Relief Center. These families will be placed on FFCC’s San Diego website with the financial amount(s) needed to rebuild or repair the different homes, along with the needed household furnishings.

    “This is where the people of San Diego go to work,” Harris said. “It is the hope of FFCC that each family will be adopted by individuals, families and organizations to provide for all the needs listed on the website for the specific family adopted. It is also our hope that as many individuals and families as possible will join FFCC and travel to Biloxi over Christmas vacation and help with construction, needed repairs, working with the FEMA Recovery Center, and delivery of items.

    “Would you please consider investing your Christmas for a family in Biloxi or Gulf Port this year? Would you consider coming with us from December 16th though December 26th? Get the word out and let’s get hundreds of us caravanning across the country to Mississippi to give this city a Christmas they’ll never forget — as well as you and your family.”

    For more information visit or call (858) 204-9643. There are also still other needs for the families that have moved to San Diego.

    Also coordinating the local response is Anne Subia of Cityreaching San Diego. She can be reached at (619) 997-5332 or visit

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