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    Salvation Army brings Gospel and warmth to poor of Tijuana

    Following the rains in Tijuana is the Salvation Army with trucks filled with blankets. A trip on Feb. 13 followed a successful but rainy January mission that brought much-needed blankets to the Colonia Rancho Las Flores in Tijuana.

    With temperatures falling below freezing at night, the cold weather brought death and sadness to many Tijuana families living in makeshift housing. Under the leadership of Auxiliary Capt. Samuel Rodriguez, more than 1,000 blankets were distributed to the Colonia’s people who patiently stood in line to accept the donations and express their gratitude.

    “It was sad to see the many families with little children standing in line for blankets. Seeing their drafty shacks and hearing the stories of the cold dramatized the great need of the people and the positive impact of our distribution that day,” said Rosa Maria Acuna, a volunteer.

    While the blankets offered life-saving warmth, Cap. Luis Martinez shared the soul-saving gospel message of Jesus Christ, with many joining in the singing of hymns as they waited in line.

    The February relief effort distributed blankets mostly gathered at a blanket and clothing drive co-sponsored by SDG&E.;

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