Russia Could Not Capture Bakhmut – Zelensky Insists

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President Volodymyr Zelensky has asserted that the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut has not yet been captured by Russian-backed mercenaries. Earlier, the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary paramilitary force, claimed to have captured the city of Bakhmut.

The group’s commander, Yevgeny Prigozhin, claimed to have captured Bakhmut, but Ukrainian military sources told that they still held several buildings on the outskirts of the city.

However, during a visit to the city of Hiroshima at the G-7 conference in Japan, Mr. Zelensky said the city “has not yet been captured by Russia” after the longest and bloodiest battle to capture a city since last August.

During the Second World War, Mr. Bakhmut compared the city of Hiroshima, the victim of atomic bombing. Zelensky promised to rebuild his country in the same way as Hiroshima.

Before Mr. Zelensky’s comments led to confusion over Bakhmut’s control. He said, “Bakhmut is only in our hearts today.”

The Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary force, has been fighting for Bakhmut since August last year
The Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary force, has been fighting for Bakhmut since August last year


Mr. Zelensky’s office, however, later clarified the statement, saying he did not say the city had fallen.

However, most of Bakhmut is now under the control of Russian troops.

Mr. Bakhmut highlighted some more comparisons with Hiroshima in Japan. Zelensky said he was reminded of Bakhmut’s current state by seeing photos of the city of Hiroshima taken during World War II.

“Now that Hiroshima has rebuilt their city, we too are dreaming of rebuilding our cities,” he said.

A Ukrainian general said their troops were building strong positions on the outskirts of Bakhmut and were slowly trying to encircle the city.

Analysts say that Bakhmut is of little strategic importance to Russia.

But they see the capture of the city as a symbol of victory for them in the long war in Ukraine.

While Russia took hard-fought Severodnetsk and Lysechask last summer, Ukraine has recovered much of its territory in other areas.

The same strategy is expected to be followed this year as well.

The war in Ukraine also gained special attention at the three-day G-7 summit in Japan. Mr. has held a separate meeting with several top leaders of the world. Zelensky.

At the conference, the United States announced that it would support the move if its allies provided Ukraine with the latest fighter jets. This includes American F-16 fighter jets.

However, no country has yet announced to supply warplanes to Ukraine.

How optimistic Ukraine is about getting F-16 warplanes, Mr. “We’re working on it, I’m sure…I can’t tell you how many,” Zelensky said

We’ll get the plane – it’s not a secret, we just don’t know yet.”

Asked when Ukraine would launch a counterattack, he said, “When we launch a counterattack, Russia will feel it.”

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