Rising Trends in Home Sales Management – What You Need to Know

In 2023, property owners must be aware of the rising trends in home sales management. These can include digital services that buy homes and process the sales, handling all necessary paperwork online.

This year, buyers have difficulty finding the right home as they grapple with limited inventory and soaring mortgage rates. They are also less demanding as they become increasingly determined to own a house.

Social media

Since the late 1980s, direct precursors to today’s internet have helped consumers connect digitally with friends and neighbors through email and bulletin board services. This led to the growth of the earliest social media networks.

Social platforms provide an opportunity for realtors to reach new customers who are researching neighborhoods, home-buying advice, and mortgage options. Using targeted paid campaigns, you can deliver relevant content to the right people at all buyer journey stages and nurture them through the sales funnel.

Direct Engagement

Sales engagement techniques of New Home Star are designed to help home shoppers take a proactive role in the buying process. They also offer value and build trust, resulting in more loyalty and repeat purchases.

Mastering sales management requires the right tech tools and a well-thought-out process. Using sequences to manage prospect lists and engagement can save time and effort. It can also reduce manual work and ensure consistency in your approach.

Artificial intelligence

AI—or artificial intelligence—uses advanced analysis and logic-based techniques, including machine learning, to interpret events, support decisions, and automate actions. The technology promises to make business more efficient and effective and empower employees and customers alike to perform tasks at a higher level.

Several home services companies have started to leverage AI applications that help them serve customers more efficiently and accurately. For instance, some have developed chatbots that can answer common customer queries without resorting to aggressive sales tactics or desperate attempts to collect contact information.

In real estate, AI helps agents respond to questions more quickly and assists brokerages in marketing properties more precisely.


Automation refers to using devices and systems that minimize human intervention and control. It covers many technologies, including robotics, expert systems, telemetry and communications, electro-optics, Cybersecurity, process measurement and control, and more.

Using sales automation tools frees up your sales team’s time to focus on what matters most: closing deals. These tools keep leads prioritized, contact information updated, and automatically log activity for each lead.

For example, you can set up an automated system to reach new leads within the first 48 hours. If they don’t respond, the system can automatically enter them into a nurture drip email series that warms them until they’re sales-ready. It’s a great way to maximize efficiency and improve lead nurturing and engagement.

Data-Driven Decisions

Data-driven decision making is a core pursuit every modern business should adopt for consistent and continual growth. Whether for executives making planning decisions or employees on the front lines, this involves analyzing collected data and finding insights that can inform judgments and help determine the right course of action.

This is why the top-performing companies today utilize self-service analytics to empower everyone to make data-backed decisions that align with business goals and strategies. Having access to real-time data also means that strategic plans can be tweaked in response to changes and shifts in market dynamics.

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