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NAME: Dana S. Serrano

AGE: 30

ORGANIZATION: Alternatives Pregnancy Care Clinic, 257 East Second Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025, (760) 741-9796.

POSITION: Administrative Director.

LENGTH OF SERVICE AT POSITION: Since March 1995. Previous Board member and volunteer since 1989.

WHAT DOES THE ORGANIZATION DO? Crisis pregnancy medical clinic offering alternatives to abortion. All services are FREE to the public. Completely funded by private donors and churches. Services include: Medical services (free pregnancy tests, nurse verification, prenatal vitamins). Ultrasound in the future. Preventions services: Abstinence education taught in the clinic and in the community. Uses nurses teaching the facts as well as teen to teen peer performance groups with drama and skits to show the reality of abstinence and the myths of safe sex – plus many other life and educational services.

YOUR PRIMARY DUTIES: It is just like any small business, you do it all. The difference is the Lord is the owner. I oversee the client services, outreach programs, advertising, public relations, church contacts, volunteer recruiting and training, brochures and reports, policies and procedures, future goals, community contacts, fund-raising, grant writing, donor contact, newsletters and correspondence to over 3,000 on our mailing list, Ladies Auxiliary, purchasing, literature and video, community education such as students with reports and our library of resources, donations of items to be given out, special projects, Board of Directors report and meeting, Association for Life (area directors meet to work together) Council, the list goes on…

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACCOMPLISH? (OR GOALS) It seems in the Crisis Pregnancy Centers there is a “season” of service. At some point the Lord is going to move me on and someone will take my place and the ministry will continue to grow. I want to make sure that I do all that the Lord has for this ministry while I am here.

WHAT AREA OF EXPERTISE OR SPECIALTY DO YOU HAVE OR ARE YOU WELL KNOWN FOR? I am told most often that it is vision and administration. I can see a project and where we need to go and then get us there. Sometimes this is difficult because there is so much to do and so many projects going, but somehow they all get done and we are blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I have the most wonderful board of directors. Together we make a great team. The Lord is blessing us. I am also known for always fighting the “good fight.” I guess I am in the right business!

WHERE DO YOU FEEL THE LORD IS LEADING THE ORGANIZATION? We are in a period of incredible growth as well as building a strong base. There are many options for us to pursue at this time and we are waiting for clear direction. Currently our projects include: purchasing the building we just finished renovating completely by volunteers and donations, purchasing an ultrasound machine, erecting a monument sign for aborted babies, opening a satellite site on the coast, starting strong Prevention Services Programs in the schools, working with the Abstinence Coalition of California, AFL projects for Pro-woman and babies advertising in SD county for the 25th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade (billboards) and more.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST IN YOUR JOB? Holding a new born baby that may never have had the chance to take its first breath, and giving him his first little blue blanket. Standing next to a woman as she releases a white balloon into the heavens in remembrance of her child lost to abortion and crying with her. Going to the hospital on Christmas break to sit with a mom as her 4 lb. baby fights for life and wins. It reminds me why I come to work and struggle with the budget!

HOW CAN PEOPLE PRAY FOR YOU OR YOUR ORGANIZATION? For me, balancing my family life and the “life” of the clinic. I am a single mother of two and work full time at the clinic. These responsibilities are huge and can only be accomplished by supernatural strength that certainly does not come from me. Spiritual warfare is everywhere. Pray for protection for the clinic and my boys. For the clinic? Pray for clear direction and focus.

DOES YOUR ORGANIZATION HAVE A NEED FOR VOLUNTEERS? Always! We have three paid staff and the rest are volunteers. The staff functions to do the behind the scenes work so the real work can be done by volunteers, hearts that are called to work with these clients in need.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY: I have lived in Escondido all of my life, and my family is all here. My brother is a doctor at Balboa, but my sister and mom and dad all live within about 14 miles of me. I am a single mother of 2 boys – CJ, 5, and Nathan, 1, and really appreciate the closeness of my family. I attended Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church for 25 years, and worked as a youth intern while in college. I went to Westmont and transferred and graduated from UCSB with a BA in Communication Studies. I now attend Emmanuel Faith Community Church. I fell in love with the spirit of the church through their program Divorce Care and all the support they have given me personally.

IS THERE A FAVORITE BOOK THAT HAS MADE AN IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE? I read non-stop. When I start a good book I can not put it down. Left Behind kept me up till three in the morning. The best book out there for pro-life is Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments by Randy Alcorn. It is so good, I made it required reading for all volunteers.

IS THERE A “NUGGET” YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE? If your ministry is saving babies, evangelism, or both remember: One life at a time.

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