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To celebrate the beauty of the UK, Premier Inn is revealing the ten most shareable views which can be seen from rooms within its hotels, as well as top tips for social media-worthy photography – helping travellers to capture the perfect shot to remember their trip.

With over 750 locations across the UK, Premier Inn hotels are located in some of the most iconic and interesting parts of the country; from Bridlington Seafront to Edinburgh City Centre and beyond, people can enjoy all the UK has to offer, even from the comfort of their hotel room.

As a beautiful location requires great photography skills, Premier Inn has also teamed up with professional photographer Jon Mills, to create five top tips that ensure everyone can capture the most breathtaking imagery. Commenting on his tips, Jon says:

In photography, the golden hour is the time shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and shadows are longer. This time of day often makes for beautiful landscape pictures

Clutter can ruin a great photo. If you are taking a picture of a beach or building or tree, anything that isn’t that beach, building or tree will distract from your subject. Find an angle where things like benches, lampposts and litter are out of shot

We are very used to seeing the world from eye level so you can make a photo interesting by showing the world from a different angle. Sometimes just kneeling down or photographing from out of a window can make a scene more captivating

The human eye can see detail over a much wider range of brightness than a camera. That is why in photos the sky often looks brighter and more washed out than you remember when you took the picture. At the other end of the scale a person or object stood in front of a bright sky often turns out very dark in a photo. You can increase the range of brightness you can capture in a photo – known as dynamic range – by using software like Adobe Lightroom after the picture is taken

The ‘Rule of Thirds’ is a great way to help composition in photography. Divide the scene in your viewfinder into thirds vertically and horizontally. The four points where those lines meet are normally the best places to put the subject of the photo

A Premier Inn spokesperson said:

“Premier Inn prides itself on having the widest range of hotel locations right across the UK from vibrant cities to beautiful beaches. Our top ten views are really spectacular and add something extra special to our guests’ stays when they visit”.

Ten of the most stunning views from Premier Inn hotel rooms:

premier inn

1. Premier Inn: Belfast Titanic

Located in the recently regenerated Titanic Quarter, this hotel is at the centre of where the Titanic was originally designed and built with a view over the harbour.

premier inn

2. Premier Inn: Exmouth Seafront

This beach based hotel offers some stunning views of the seafront in Exmouth. Wake up to sound of the sea and a view of the shore.

premier inn

3. Premier Inn: London: Wembley Stadium

Moments away from Wembley Stadium, this is the ideal location for those visiting the stadium or shopping nearby. A great opportunity to capture the iconic Wembley arch lit up at night.

premier inn

4. Premier Inn: Edinburgh Princes Street

Based in Edinburgh’s city centre, some rooms at Premier Inn Princes Street boast a picturesque view of Edinburgh Castle.

premier inn

5. Premier Inn: Bridlington

With lovely views of Bridlington’s seafront, this Yorkshire hotel redefines the staycation up north. Sea-facing rooms offer picture perfect views of the beach, the lighthouse and the old chalk tower which are sure to spark a sense of adventure.

premier inn

6. Premier Inn: London- County Hall

Situated a stone’s throw away from the iconic London Eye, this Premier Inn boasts some incredible views of two of London’s most iconic landmarks – The London Eye and Big Ben.

premier inn

7. Premier Inn: Paignton

A few feet from Goodrington Sands beach, this hotel offers some scenic views of the Paignton seafront, providing a soothing view of the sandy beach.

premier inn

8. Premier Inn: Glasgow Pacific Quay

With a fantastic view of the quay, Glasgow Pacific Quay provides a relaxing stay at the heart of the city.

premier inn

9. Premier Inn: Swansea Seafront

From a backdrop of rolling fields to a front view of Swansea’s seafront, this charming hotel offers great views on either side, inspiring walks along the beach and hikes up the hill.

premier inn

10. Premier Inn: London Aldgate

Located in the heart of London’s City, this central hotel boasts an iconic view of London’s tallest skyscrapers and banking district.

Image credit: Jon Mills / Premier Inn

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