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    Pastors and everyone, please write on the following three state bills:

    AB 101 by Assemblywoman Sheila Kuehl (D) proposes to add to a number of sections of the California Education Code the phrase “sexual orientation” as an additional basis on which discrimination is prohibited against homosexuals. The American Heritage dictionary states that orientation is “an adjustment or adaptation to a new environment, situation, custom or set of ideas.”

    Everyone presumes that this bill refers to homosexuals, but sexual orientation could include heterosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, sado-machosism and/or sexual habits, practices, predilections or compulsions. This bill would prevent any questions of any applicant, or any candidate whose name has been certified for appointment as to their sexual habits and customs.

    AB 257 by Antonio Villaraigosa (D) gives “sexual orientation” minority status relating to employment and housing, including religious associations or corporations not organized for private profit. As courts have said, only the position of pastor is exempt. Non-pastoral church and school staff positions could be filled by homosexuals, and a similar bill, AB 492 by Fred Keely, (D) changes requiring non-profits to hire homosexuals by changing the definition of “employer” in the Labor Code to exclude all non-profit organizations except churches. However, it is confusing because the courts have said it is only the pastoral position which is exempt. These two bills are similar. Call your Assembly representative and find out what committee these bills are in and write to the chairman and vice chairman, State Capitol Building, Sacramento, Ca. 95814. By writing to the committee chairmen and following these bills, and writing to your Assembly person, you have a good chance of killing them.

    All bills dealing with “sexual orientation” not only violate the religious beliefs of parents, students, churches, etc, but could subject the education system to litigation or anyone else.

    SELLING OF AMERICA: When the European colonist voraciously eyed the wealth of China in the 18th and19th centuries, the first thing they did was take over the ports on the seacoasts. From there, they moved inland, gradually controlling that vast nation.

    China today is slowly taking over the ports of America and were caught trying to buy the election.

    Beverly Wyer of El Cajon is a Christian political activist.

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