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    Political Correctness? How about getting a life!


    What a month this has been! We’ve all watched, not having a clue as to what it all might mean, as the headlines unfolded on TV, radio, and in the newspapers. And then we watched with equally rapt attention as almost everything changed, modified or adjusted just as quickly as it came in the first place.

    First we heard that we were going to send more troops into the Gulf. Then, we didn’t. Then we discovered that there really was something to the illness called “Gulf War Syndrome”. Then, of course, it wasn’t. Then the stock market, pumped up by the hot air of brokers and traders alike, ballooned up to 6,000 points — a place “they” said from whence it would never retreat — but, it did.

    And, lest we forget, “Dole is ahead in the polls…” Well, not now, but, maybe later. And, “Clinton really means it this time!…” Ok, so even a President can change his mind.


    With confusion reigning supreme, it quickly became apparent to the media (and the people alike) that this country really needed something to take hold of. There had to be SOMETHING to take hold of. There had to be an issue that we, the citizens of this great country of ours, could grab and hold onto with the tenacity of a pit bull!

    And so, with glee and purpose streaming from their typewriters, Teleprompters and PCs, the media finally found an issue we could all identify with, believe in and stand behind — POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

    Now war, famine, pestilence, drugs, murder and mayhem have been shoved back into the dim recesses from whence they came. The election of a man who will become the most powerful individual in the history of the planet (save Jesus Christ Himself) is now relegated to the subordinate position it really deserves.

    We, the information starved, can now give our undivided attention to a six year old, suspended from school for “sexual harassment”, a drug sniffing dog trained (apparently) to find Advil; a 12 year old who caught a baseball and ignited a major league controversy; and a teenage girl who committed the most heinous of crimes, carrying Midol to class.

    The Founding Fathers must be nearly tornadic as they twirl (not just “turn over”) in their graves, and the Lord Himself must be shaking His head in bemused puzzlement. Have we finally come to the point where we have become the very things we used to laugh about? Can it be that “all men created equal” means, “provided there’s some political expediency”, that makes it so? And, may I no longer express sympathy, caring, or (God forbid) friendship for fear of being misinterpreted under the stringent gaze of the “PC Police”.

    Must I continue to spend my hard earned tax dollars supporting agendas that cause “negotiations” to take place when an overpaid, under worked, spoiled brat in a man’s clothes spits in an umpire’s face? When I was a child (and dinosaurs roamed the earth) these kinds of questions would never have even been asked.

    First, the bum would have been thrown out of the game and the sport for life.

    Second, someone would have already known that a six year old can’t be charged with “sexual harassment” when he has no idea or clue about sex (his mother’s quote, Lord bless her).

    Third, and only because I agree with stringent drug prevention programs in our schools, I would suggest strongly that the school in question hire a dog that can tell the difference between amphetamines and Advil. (This dog was no friend of Lassie.)

    And last, to all you people, men and women alike who spend such an inordinate amount of time trying to “micro-manage” the lives of others, look in the mirror. Casting out the log in your own eye will prove to be of far more service to your fellow man than looking for the speck in everyone else’s.

    And then, may I suggest, you leave those flourescent showered, environmentally safe, air filtered, ion enhanced, gender neutral, pastel painted caves you occupy in your hermetically sealed building and “come on out!”Join the rest of us and get a life! Just something to think about…..

    Paul McShane of Carlsbad writes book reviews for Good News, Etc., as well as occasional commentaries

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