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    Pokemon Go Raids: How to Prepare and Succeed in Battling Legendary Pokemon

    One of the most exciting features of Pokémon GO is the ability to participate in Raids. Raids allow Trainers to team up with other players to battle powerful Pokémon that can’t be found in the wild. These battles are intense and require strategy, skill, and teamwork to win. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Pokemon GO Raids and provide you with everything you need to know to be successful.

    What are Pokémon GO Raids?

    Pokémon GO Raids are cooperative battles that allow Trainers to team up and battle powerful Pokémon. These battles take place at Raid locations, which are marked by a spinning PokéStop with an egg above it. The egg serves as a countdown timer, indicating when the Raid will begin. Once the timer reaches zero, the Raid Boss will appear, and Trainers can begin the battle.

    How to Participate in Pokémon GO Raids

    To participate in a Pokemon GO Raids, you need to be physically present at a Raid location when the Raid begins. When the egg above the PokéStop starts spinning, you’ll know that a Raid is about to begin. You can then tap on the egg to see the Raid Boss and its CP, as well as the time remaining until the Raid begins.

    To join the Raid, simply tap on the “Join” button. You’ll then be taken to a lobby where you can see the other Trainers who are participating in the Raid. You’ll need to wait until the Raid begins to start battling the Raid Boss.

    How to Battle in Pokémon GO Raids

    Battling in Pokémon GO Raids is similar to battling in Gym battles. You’ll need to choose a team of six Pokémon to battle with, and you’ll need to use strategy and skill to defeat the Raid Boss.

    During the battle, you can use Fast Attacks and Charged Attacks to deal damage to the Raid Boss. You’ll also need to dodge the Raid Boss‘s attacks to avoid taking damage. The battle will end when either the Raid Boss’s HP is depleted, or the timer runs out.

    Tips for Success in Pokémon GO Raids

    To be successful in Pokémon GO Raids, it’s important to choose the right Pokémon and use the right strategy. Here are a few tips to help you succeed:

    1. Understand the Mechanics of Raids

    Before diving into raid battles, it is important to understand how raids work. Raids are timed events that occur at specific locations, known as gyms. A raid begins when a raid boss appears, which can be a normal, rare, or legendary Pokemon. To participate in a raid, you must have a raid pass, which can be obtained by spinning a gym’s photo disc. Once inside the raid, you will be grouped with other trainers to battle the raid boss together.

    2. Choose the Right Pokemon

    One of the most critical factors in raid battles is choosing the right Pokemon. It is essential to select Pokemon that have a type advantage over the raid boss. For example, if the raid boss is a water-type Pokemon, it is recommended to use electric or grass-type Pokemon. Additionally, it is important to choose Pokemon that have high defense and attack stats. Legendary Pokemon are notoriously difficult to battle, so it is important to select your team carefully.

    3. Prepare Your Pokemon for Battle

    To prepare your Pokemon for battle, it is recommended to power up their stats using stardust and candy. It is also essential to use the right moveset for each Pokemon. You can change a Pokemon’s moveset using Technical Machines (TMs), which can be obtained by participating in raids or by completing research tasks.

    4. Coordinate with Other Trainers

    When participating in raid battles, it is important to coordinate with other trainers to increase your chances of success. One way to coordinate is to join local Pokemon Go communities, such as Facebook groups or Discord servers. You can also use in-game features, such as the Nearby or Raid tabs, to locate and join raid battles.

    5. Use the Right Items

    Using the right items can make a significant difference in raid battles. For example, using Golden Razz Berries can increase the chances of catching a raid boss, while using Max Revives and Max Potions can quickly heal and revive your Pokemon. It is recommended to stock up on these items before participating in raid battles.

    6. Know the Raid Boss’s Moves

    To succeed in raid battles, it is important to know the raid boss’s moves. Each raid boss has a unique set of moves, which can be found by using a Pokebattler website. Knowing the raid boss’s moves can help you to select the right Pokemon and use the right dodging strategies.

    7. Learn Dodging Strategies

    Dodging is an essential technique in raid battles, especially when battling legendary Pokemon. Dodging can help your Pokemon to survive longer and deal more damage to the raid boss. It is recommended to practice dodging in gym battles before attempting raid battles.

    8. Raid During the Right Time and Weather

    Raid bosses change frequently, and it is important to raid during the right time and weather. For example, certain raid bosses are only available during specific hours of the day, while others are only available during certain weather conditions. It is recommended to check online resources, such as the Silph Road website or the Pokemon Go app, to find out the best times to raid.


    Pokémon GO Raids are an exciting and challenging feature of the game that require strategy, skill, and teamwork to win. By following the tips in this article, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful Raid Trainer. So get out there, team up with other Trainers, and battle some powerful Pokémon!

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