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    (I regret that this article has to be graphic, but it is vital that we know the truth, for the sake of those who have died by this procedure and those who need to be protected from it.)

    According to Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, 80% of Americans still do not understand what partial birth abortion is. This procedure delivers a late term unborn child, breech (feet first) until only the head remains in the birth canal, exposing the back of the head. At this point the doctor may remove the organs of the baby, including the ovaries, for someone else’s use. Then the doctor plunges scissors into the back of the skull to make an opening for a suction device that sucks the brains out (for brain tissue use). The skull is then crushed and the baby is delivered dead.

    In an interview with Dr. James Dobson, Dr. Tom Coburn, who is not only an Ob/Gyn physician, but a Representative from Oklahoma, and Dr. Pamela Smith, an Ob/Gyn. at Mt. Sinai hospital, both helped to clear up the misinformed statements of the President of the United States and the media’s defense of the partial birth abortion procedure.

    The President stated the necessity to collapse the skull so that a baby with an enlarged or deformed skull can be delivered. Otherwise it could render the women sterile or endanger her life to deliver the baby. He also stated the baby was going to die anyway. According to Dr. Coburn, if the skull is enlarged, there are techniques to drain the fluid from the enlarged head of a baby in the womb, so that the baby can be delivered naturally. (Also, what about cesarean section?)

    Dr. Coburn also stated that a woman’s sterility would not be affected by delivering the baby naturally instead of using the partial birth abortion procedure. He said using the procedure, if anything, could impact a woman’s fertility, because of the psychological stress of the procedure. Dr. Smith also added to this by stating that more miscarriages are associated with women who have had a partial birth abortion. Also, if the baby is going to die anyway, let them die naturally. Why should a parent cause their own child to die, abandoning their child in need?

    Those who are for the grisly procedure will attempt to justify it by saying the woman’s health is at risk and that is why this procedure must be done. But Dr. Coburn counters that by saying “As a practicing Ob, I have never, nor can I imagine encountering an anomaly, (prenatal defect) and I have encountered all those anomalies that we talked about, where that procedure would need to be done.”

    Other doctors have stated that delivering a baby with a crushed skull presents even more danger to the women because of the possibility of a skull shard cutting through the birth canal wall and the woman bleeding to death during delivery. Dr. Smith also stated in regards to the health of the mother that the procedure itself is “dangerous to women.” She states that the procedure is not even taught in any medical schools and, if anything, the partial birth abortion procedure was doing just the opposite of what is taught in the medical schools, to protect the life of the mother.

    Some will also ask why the baby must be delivered feet first? Possibly it’s easier to deliver the body first and then collapse the so called enlarged head. But even this condition of hydrocephalus is such a small percentage of the majority of these babies being killed by this procedure. Dr. Smith quotes from sources in the Washington Post that in the majority of cases, the procedure is done routinely not for the health of the mother, but as an elective abortion on teenagers who waited too long. This was even stated by Dr. Haskell, the abortionist who pioneered the procedure. Also a leader in the abortion industry admitted that he had lied about the reasons and the number of women having this procedure. Instead of only a few hundred women having this procedure, as also stated by the President and the media, he admitted the procedure is being performed on thousands of women with the vast majority of these women not having health or pregnancy complications.

    I recently heard a doctor on the radio explaining why the baby is delivered feet first with the head still remaining in the birth canal. He said because in a normal delivery you would hear the baby screaming while they are having their organs removed along with their brains.

    Dr. Tom Coburn states “This truly is about infanticide, it’s not about partial birth abortion. It’s about killing children because children have inconvenienced us.” May God have mercy on us.

    Phil Magnan of Chula Vista and his wife Diane represent Life Source, (619) 426-9960.

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