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    Pastor Steven Barnard, Metro Church, La Mesa:


    The purpose of Metro Church San Diego is to reach the lost by spreading the good news to all the world and to equip the saints to be the light and salt we are all called to be. The harvest is greater now more than ever, the world is hurting now more than ever, there is more brokenness and darkness now than ever before. The world needs the church now more than ever before.

     Metro Church has for 35 years always been a house of healing and restoration, a spiritual hospital where some are being restored, some are learning to restore and others are being used of God to restore. Our purpose for worship at Metro is to put Him first; we don¹t gather at His house for ourselves, we gather for Him. We don¹t come to His house to ask, but we come to serve. We humble ourselves to bring Him the glory and then He in due season exalts our lives.

     The purpose of Metro Church is to preach the good news to the poor, offer hope and healing to the broken hearted, to declare that deliverance is here for the captive, that recovery is possible to the blind, that freedom is available for the oppressed and He is accepting to those who think they are unacceptable.

    The purpose of His house is to be a house of faith, hope and love.

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