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    Pastor Mike Fleischman, Riverview Church, Bonsall:

    The purpose of Riverview Church is to be a community of grace where ordinary people are being transformed day-by-day and helping others along the way.

    The first part of that definition is grounded in authenticity to genuinely be that which we are calling others to be. To be people who are honest about our own shortcomings, who desperately cling to the grace of Jesus Christ, and are growing every single day to look less and less like who we used to be, and more and more like who we¹ve been destined to be.

    The second part of our purpose is to assist others in experiencing the same thing. This demands relevance in meeting people where they really are at. This demands the truth of God¹s Word, which points the way back. This demands ongoing encouragement, to not only point the way but to walk with them step by step along this spiritual journey.

    It is our passion to be hope-peddlers and grace-givers…fire-starters and dream-builders…undying believers that no matter who you are, or where you¹ve been – no matter what you¹ve done — because of what Jesus did on the cross you can safely come home again to the Father.

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