Pastor Darrell M. Dunlap, Christ Community Church of Mira Mesa:

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Pastor Darrell M. Dunlap, Christ Community Church of Mira Mesa:

Christ Community Church exists to bring people who are far from God into a growing relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. We believe all people need a relationship with God and the only way to that relationship is through Jesus Christ. We teach the Word of God, the Bible, clearly, relevantly, without hesitation or compromise. When people hear the truth, they then have the opportunity to respond to that truth in faith. Our teaching ministry plays a central role at ³3C² with three different sermons each weekend.

We believe people in our culture expect choices, therefore, we provide a variety each weekend by offering three different styles in worship service – from our postmodern, interactive Revolution service to our reflective, traditional Sanctuary service to our upbeat contemporary Celebration service. We encourage folks to pick their style and get connected in worship. We desire to see everyone commit to Christ, grow in understanding Christ, connect with other believers and then put what they know into action by serving Christ. We provide many opportunities to serve those in need, which in turn helps to transform the heart of the one who is serving. It¹s all about God — knowing Him and loving Him more and helping others to do the same through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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